Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Fifth Amendment from a Christian Viewpoint Part 3

nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

One of the central ideas of a free society is the ability of it's citizens to own their own property. The Founding Fathers knew that human nature was to work hard to keep and maintain what they own. Recently, even Communist China has allowed farmers to keep a small percentage of the farms they work for their own purposes. Surprise of all surprises, the one or two percent of the land from which they get to keep the produce is generally much more well tended than the 99 percent that the produce goes to the government to be distributed amongst the people.

There are some progressive christians who believe that property ownership is sinful, that being wealthy is sinful or somehow less spiritual than the mega-spiritual poor. These christians are grossly misled by a liberal mindset that encourages envy of the successful. What should be brought to the forefront is a gratitude that they live in a country that rewards hard work and that instead of envy of the rich, (which quickly degenerates into a hatred for the rich) the attitude they should have is, 'If they can do it, so can I.' But envy and hatred are easier and don't require hard work.

America at one time experimented with Socialism. Before there was a revolution, before there were colonies each person was ordered to share the fruits of their labor with the community. Some worked hard and produced much, others worked a little and didn't produce a whole lot to share, still others did not work at all. It was the ones who produced much that ended up feeding the entire village. Human nature took over and the ones who worked hard knew they would not be able to keep the fruits of their labor, so they didn't work as hard. Others that put out a little effort reduced what little efforts they were making. The result was that America faced the hardest winter they ever had, and many died of hunger.

That's when the leader of this voyage changed the rules. 'If a man does not work, he does not eat.' The hard work paid off in that each was able to keep the fruits of their labor, those who didn't work, didn't eat. The following year, the harvest was so bountiful that the new arrivals declared it a day of Thanksgiving.

Any society that does not respect the private ownership of property is one that is doomed to fail. Human nature means that a person simply won't work as hard at caring for something that could be taken from him at any time. Why waste the money to build solid buildings that will stand the test of time when all of it could be confiscated by the government at any time?

Our right to private property is being threatened today. In part it is the ignorance of these progressives who see more good in a communist type society than in a free economy. And in part by those who in the name of the 'good of the community' seek to seize the property of private citizens. We are on the threshold of losing any and all of these first five of the Bill of Rights. An Administration that is out of control has seized banks, car companies, student loan companies, insurance companies and seek ever increasing control over oil and other small companies.

For those christians who believe that the early church pitched in and shared everything and that's how it should be now by using "Social Justice" i.e. redistribution of wealth, remember this, that the early Christians pitched in and shared out of their own freewill. The Apostle Peter did not burst into the services with a fireman's boot and demand their wealth. Giving means more when it is freely given, not forcibly taken.

If you want a country where 'Social Justice' is practiced, try Cuba, China or Venezeula. Your rose-colored glasses causing envy for the rich will drop off quickly once you see the ration requirements for toilet paper and food. Until you actually see 'Social Justice' in full force though, do us a favor, and keep your mouths shut.

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