Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Supreme Court Justice Kagan?

I do not object to the nomination of Elena Kagan because she is a lesbian. I do not object to her nomination because she has no experience as a judge. I do not object to her nomination because she has virtually no paper trail to determine how she would rule on certain issues. All these reasons would be enough for me to reject her if I were ever asked.

I object to her nomination because she has, in the limited amounts of writing she has done, come down firmly on the side of being an extreme progressive with no respect for the Constitution and no respect for the foundation of the country or the system she would be allowed to shape until the day of her retirement or death.

She has stated that there should be limits on the Freedom of Speech. Really? And what limits would those be, Ms. Kagan? Speech that goes against the progressive agenda? Speech like preaching against the sin of homosexuality? What kinds of speech would she rule as being 'not free'.

She has stated that the banning of books may not allowable because the government would never enforce it. Really? Who was the last major world leader who banned books? I can think of a few, Fidel Castro, Chairman Mao, Adolf Hitler. Hmm, not really good precedents for her argument.

When the citizens have to be the ones defending the Constitution from the government sworn to protect it, an irreversable split taken place. When those leaders begin to turn on the citizens who placed them into power, there must of necessity be a revolution to remove the offenders. I pray that this would be a bloodless, ballot box initiated revolution.

But if we lose the fundamental right of Freedom of Speech, how much longer will it be before we lose the right to worship freely, or to keep and bear arms, or to a fair trial or to our private property? If this 'split' is allowed to widen and deepen, there will be those who will see no other alternative to this abuse of power other than to physically resist and fight the administration. We need to stop this 'split' before that happens. Your vote will be very important.

And for those churches, too afraid to mention politics because of this or that reason, please understand that YOUR future is on the line. Remember, it's only politics until they come after you, then it's persecution.

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