Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Last Domino - Medical Needs After the Collapse Part 3


There is no guarantee that you will qualify for either type of program but it’s worth a shot before you try the unorthodox solutions. And those solutions include a day trip to Puerto Rico, Mexico or Canada. Many of the drugs in use today around the world that require a prescription here do not require a prescription elsewhere. Find out if the drug you or a loved one needs is available overseas. Use the five conditions found above if you do need a prescription. Many of these drugs are sold overseas at a fraction of what you buy them for in America.

Because other countries don’t have the threat of the all American lottery called the lawsuit raffle, these drugs can be sold cheaper elsewhere. If you can’t afford the trip, you can attempt making phone calls to find a cooperative pharmacist. Ask around, you never know when you may find a cousin of someone who owns a pharmacy in Puerto Rico or Mexico.

Okay, so what about the drugs you need that you don’t have a prescription for? Antibiotics, etc. You will need to stock up on these as well. How do you get them?


Purchasing some medicines without a prescription is illegal. It would be a good idea though, to have some medicines available that will become difficult if not impossible to obtain during the economic meltdown. No, I am still not talking about narcotics. We will deal with those later. Antibiotics, Penicillin, non-narcotic pain relievers will all be needed whether hospitals and pharmacies are open or not. How can you stock up on these items when you can’t buy them without a prescription? How would you stock up on them if the stores are shut down, or worse yet, completely taken over by the federal government?

As it is now before the collapse, I know that twice a year I’m going to get a sinus infection. I know I need Tetracyclin to cure that infection, the weaker ones do nothing for me. But I can’t buy an antibiotic, without first paying a doctor to tell me what I already know, “Dave, you have a sinus infection. That’ll be $100.00.” THAT’S RIDICULOUS.

There are a few methods for obtaining these drugs that are legal, and safe. First, here’s another legal statement that I hope you understand what I am getting at. I am not a doctor, I don’t play one on TV. This is not medical advice, this is advice given for extreme circumstances and extreme circumstances only. Then there is the ever popular: This information is for entertainment purposes only.

Ok, you understand now? Many antibiotics doctors prescribe for us are sold in veterinary offices and feed stores across the country for animals. These antibiotics are the same medicines that are prescribed by the medical community for humans. Yes, these packages will state in bold print “FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY” however, you need to know that these are the same packages that are used overseas in to treat humans. These are sometimes the only drugs available in overseas clinics and hospitals.

A doctor upon touring a pharmaceutical plant with a name you would recognize noticed that the conveyer belt for one of the antibiotic drugs split off into two directions. On one side of the plant, the medicine went to clinics and hospitals with a label for people. On the other side, the medicine went to feed stores and veterinary clinics with a giant, “For Animal Use Only” sticker on it. It was the same mixture, the only difference is the dosage.

Does it work? Since admitting that I have used this material personally on me would be considered grounds for barring me from the purchase of animal medicines I will say this: “Hypothetically speaking, if I had had an infection in my sinuses last month and had taken Medicine X at the rate of one teaspoon in a glass of water for say, hypothetically, seven days, hypothetically the infection would have cleared up nicely. Hypothetically speaking, of course.” Numerous people use these medicines with no bad effects, including veterinarians who use them for their families as well.

There are also a number of people who use the antibiotics found in fish stores for larger fish on themselves. It’s called Fishicillin or any one of a number of combinations like that. For a reasonable sum you can have the amount of antibiotics you need in an emergency.

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