Monday, September 12, 2011

The Top Ten FREE Things You Can Do to Prepare for the Dollar Collapse

1. Find a local 4-H club and get to know the members. - They raise chickens, pigs, cows, fish, and veggies and are often selling or trading their wares.

2. Find a local 9/12 group and get involved now you will need to know who to trust and will need as many like minded friends as you can get.

3. Download free Kindle books on preparing food, preserving or growing food. - There are a lot of them and some are posted here on this page by others.

4. Set aside ten percent of your weekly groceries budget for non-perishable items and store those items.

5. Learn to dehydrate meats, fruits and veggies.

6. Downgrade your smart phone to a "dumb" phone. - If I tell you why, it will sound crazy.

7. Shop by the per pound price on food packages, not the total price. - Meats are being cut thinner, packages are shrinking and prices per pound are increasing without the total cost increasing. It's sneaky and dishonest.

8. Keep an eye out for FREE things on Craigslist that if you don't need now, can be used to trade or barter. Electronics, cabinets, pallets, barrels, refrigerators, propane tanks and tools.

9. Size up your neighborhood are the neighbors pretty self sufficient or will they be among the first to panic. - who can you help, who should you avoid? Here's a hint: If they are still proud of their decision to vote for Obama - avoid them.

10. Inventory your protection capabilities. Ammo, security lighting, family member's ability with guns, etc. - The worst time to learn to use a gun is when you need to use the gun.

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