Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Last Domino - Bugging Out Part 1

Bug Out Bag (BOB) for those who can’t leave cities

In the previous book, the one warning I gave that should not have gone unheeded is the “Get out of the cities.” warning. It’s not really going to be an option after the collapse occurs, the cities will be full of those whose mind-set is one of utter dependence on the government for help in time of need. It will be the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on a national level. Those who didn’t prepare, and that will be most of them, will be rioting, looting, killing and performing senseless acts of violence fueled by fear.

Still there will be those who for whatever reason imaginable, did not, would not or could not leave the city. Face the facts now, you have no choice. You will need a quick grab bag with all essentials stowed away for a fast retreat. Right now, we will worry about what you should take, we will deal with where you can go later.

Ideally, your bag, called a “Bug Out Bag” should contain a 72 hour supply of food, water, and essential tools to help you get to safety. You should have one kit for each member of the household. The food should of course be the non-perishable sort with as much protein as possible and the least weight.

Snack bars, granola, beef jerky and some dried fruits all of which you can learn how to make in the first book. If you get more complicated than that you will not have room for other essentials. Make sure if you do have a vehicle that you get it filled with gas as soon as possible. After the collapse, there will be a run on fuels of all sorts.

In your Bug Out Bag, in addition to food and water you will need:
    1. 2 weapons (gun with ammo, knife, etc)
    2. Utility knife for carving, rather than for defense.
    3. CB Radio or connection to your BBS network.
    4. Medications and Medical supplies
    5. New Currency (something that can be bartered for that which you do not have.)
    6. 2 rolls duct tape
    7. Matches and lighter fluid
    8. Rope or cords preferably paracord.
    9. Maps, GPS
    10. This book and “Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the US Dollar”
    11. Camp axe and shovel
    12. Flashlights
    13. Sleeping bag/tent
    14. Batteries (preferably rechargeable)
    15. Solar charger
    16. Signal Devices – flares, mirror, or a whistle in a pinch.
    17. Water filter
    18. 3 changes of clothing, mostly outdoor gear, you won’t be needing a suit.
    19. Sanitizer and soap
    20. Medical Reference books
    21. Water Purification Tablets

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