Monday, October 10, 2011

The Last Domino - Bugging Out - Part 3

How to Leave

Have your BOB prepared and in your trunk space in case you need to leave and you are not at home. If you and your spouse need to bug out quickly, but won’t be in the same location, agree upon a meeting place far out of town. Plan the escape routes and drive them in advance so you know where you are going no matter what the conditions are you are driving in.

If possible, leave at night and move at night. If not, stand-still traffic could trap you in an area you don’t want to be in.

Where can former city residents go?

Attributes of a Suitable Location

Running Water – Preferably you should find a state park with plumbing and at the very least well water. If the parks within one day driving distance do not have plumbing, look for a park with a body of fresh water that moves through it. You want to avoid stagnant water from lakes and ponds. A body of water is stagnant if the water flowing into it has no where else to flow, regardless of the size of the body of water. A spring, well or stream will work if plumbing isn’t available.

Natural Food Supply - Either small game, fish, fowl or access to all of them. Ideally some MRE’s and non-perishables can be stored close to your Bug Out location through using a self storage unit in route. Make sure you can get access 24 hours a day.

Strategic Security – Ideally, the location you choose should afford you some measure of safety from intruders. The vantage point of your chosen location should give you a clear 360 degree view of the area around you. Or at the very least a clear view of the area from which others could approach.

Escape Routes – if worse comes to worse and you have to hightail it out of your safe location, you will need a number of alternate escape routes. Use the Google maps and park maps to get these down. Know them before you need them. Good escape routes can include rivers as well as roads, if you are prepared and have a boat, or you have ‘acquired’ one in your journey.

Item supplies – Whether or not a store remains open, chances are that there will be supplies inside. You should always make the effort to locate the shopkeeper or owner to see if you can barter for items you have depleted, like matches, coal or clothing. Army surplus, outdoors and camping stores and abandoned gas stations will have a virtual treasure trove of supplies, assuming they have not been looted yet.

Distance from Targets – Check out the potential bug out locations in distance from nuclear power plants, waste treatment centers, military bases, etc. You don’t want to be downstream of a major source of contamination if you can help it. These places will become easy targets for Islamic terrorists when they know we are at our weakest, they will strike.

Distance from Southern Border – Call it racism if you will, but when we are at our weakest, it’s more than just the Islamists that we have to worry about. We will have to worry about the Mexican drug cartels seizing more control over American soil. Try to stay away from bug out locations that are within a day’s travel of the Mexican border.

You stayed in the city because you had no where else to go for whatever reason. You have your bug-out bag prepared for everyone in the household, you may have made a few extra for parents or loved ones you want to go with you. Now where do you go?

Understand that in cases of complete economic meltdown few places that are safe now will be safe then. Places of dense population will be hotspots for rebellion, rioting and extremely high crime rates. Normally law abiding people, likely the ones that were laughing when you were stocking food away, will be panicking not knowing how they will feed their families. YOU will be their source of supply and it may or may not be willingly on your part.

For those of you who still find this all hard to believe, be aware that Obama has instructed the National Guard to train for food riots in this country. This training has been publicized and a few photos released of a man with a sign saying, “Food Now”. He is preparing for what he knows is coming, but he won’t spend one day hungry. He is the elitist Marxist with the self-righteous Messiah complex.

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