Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Low Cost to Free Security Measures

When the dollar collapses, it will be the people that didn't panic at first that you have to watch out for. These will be the people who are so entranced by the normalcy bias (that's never happened before) that they honestly believe that their world will be right again sometime soon. You and I know that in a nationwide currency collapse, that is just not the case. Argentina's currency collapsed in 1993 and they are still 18 years later struggling. These will be the people who will be just fine until the last piece of bread and last bag of rice is gone from their pantry. I posted several months ago that it is too late to try to keep warning people and let them know that you are prepping. Let them forget, or think that you are in the same boat they are unless you have adequate assets that throw off food. Your house may end up being the closest thing to a store that they can get to. You WILL be a target.

The best FREE Security measure is simply to keep it all on the down-low. I want to help others, and I am in an anonymous kind of way, and I know you probably want to help others, but think of this as an emergency in a plane. You are asked to put your oxygen mask on first and then fit the remaining mask on your children. This is not selfishness because if you don't take care of yourself FIRST, you won't be able to care for your own. Make sure you are fully supplied first, THEN if you can, help others.

$300 range - WOW, if you have an extra $300 great! There are wireless security webcams that can be outfitted for solar power with a battery backup. $50 each will give you one on each corner of your home and two wide angle for the front and back yards. Make sure these are well hidden from sight and rig up the television with computer cables to let you know when something is moving outside.

$200 range - Tie obnoxiously loud windchimes to the back of each fence gate out of sight. Put one camera for the front and one for the back. A grid of fishing line at the bottom of each fence will trip up anyone leaping over, giving you time to react.

$100 range - Use a thick black sharpie and color five $20 baby monitors to blend with their surroundings. Place one at any key point in your yard where someone could be watching the house. Number each of them so that when the receiver picks up noise, you know which side of the yard it is coming from.

$50 range - One box .45 long colt ammunition. nuff said.

FREE - Map out your yard. Know where all the spots are that someone could sit undetected and watch your home. Eliminate shrubbery that could hide people from your sight. Know where the escape routes are out of your yard.

?FREE? - Draw a sketch of the front and back of your house along with all the windows. Determine what your range of view is from each window, find and eliminate any blind spots with mirrors, noisy traps or pay to put up some motion detector lighting, solar powered of course with battery backup.

FREE - Decide now how to respond if your family, life or food supply is threatened. If worse comes to worse, and we can always hope it won't. But if it does, are you willing to defend your life, your families' lives and your property to the death? Decide now, because in an attack of this sort, the average decision time you will have is 3 seconds. That's less time than it took for you to read this paragraph.

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