Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Obama's National Civilian Army

Obama’s Civilian Army

In a speech given prior to his election, Barack Hussein Obama said,

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the National Security objectives that we have set. We’ve got to have a Civilian National Security Force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”

The liberal MSM made no fuss about the quote and wouldn’t cover it if their lives depended on it. No President in the history of our Country has ever called for a Civilian Army that is just as powerful, strong and as well funded as our military. Ever.

What would an Obama Civilian Army look like?

It’s already been made perfectly clear by the President and his administration that there will be no equal justice in the new America. Black Panthers can patrol outside a polling place with weapons and intimidate voters and Obama and the Holder Justice Department won’t prosecute. A Muslim can commit an act of war against this country, kill thousands and still get buried according to Islamic law.

In February of 2009, an incident at a school here in Florida occurred that was quickly hushed up. Had it not been for the fact that my child was in the middle of the altercation because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, I would not have known about it either.

A random child emerged from the classroom with the statement to the effect of “I don’t like Obama.” This statement caused a riot as 12 year old Obama supporters cracked this child’s head open on the floor of the hallway. Two children went to the hospital, one in serious condition. My daughter was hit in the back by a random black child who was flailing around trying to hit anything or anyone around him that didn’t like Obama.

Another incident occurred on the Fourth of July where a group of black teens approached a white family who were in their own yard as they were celebrating Independence Day. The teens assaulted the mother and the father, proclaiming that this was a “black country now.”

Recently in Philadelphia, a gang of black youths chased two white boys into a home. The homeowner hid the boys in his house while he tried to reason with the angry thugs. Seeing that the reasoning efforts were not working, he retreated into his house and bolted the door. The thugs proceeded to bang on the door and windows finally busting through the door. They beat the man with a bat while yelling, "We see you you white motherf&^%$#" One even pulled a gun and was ready to kill him when the police sirens sounded. Only three were arrested.

The incidents of the mob looting by groups of black men and women is on the rise. In April of 2011 a flash mob of young black men raced into an upscale store and took whatever they wanted. The news channel that obtained this footage kept referring to the mob as “young” men.

When complaints were made about the fact that the footage only showed black men looting, the station pulled the footage and the story from their website. Political Correctness is ham-stringing people from presenting the truth of a serious issue.

In May these incidents continued in Arizona, Nevada and other areas. Few news stations covered it because of fear of being labeled racists for showing a video of crowds of young black men and women looting stores. One quick question, “How is it racist to show a video of what actually happened?” Another quick question, “If people, regardless of color, are looting now, what do you think they will be doing when it’s a matter of survival?”

Whether it is because they are disenchanted with the country or our system, there are a number of black people who are angry at America. This anger comes out in their churches, in their Liberation Theology and in the rhetoric spread by Obama himself.

You want to see what the Obama Army looks like, check out a Louis Farrakhan led event. Check out video of the Black Panther leader as he says he wants to kill “cracker babies”. These are those who will make up Obama’s Army. They are militant, angry and violent.

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