Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Preparing for the Ill-Equipped and Underfunded Part 1

Reading some of the updates on the world financial situation and the looming collapse of the US Dollar can get you down. Don't let the information get you down, let it pump you up for action. I've had a couple of people assume that I am trying to whip people up to buy something and nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to utilize the Preparing store on Amazon to find needed materials, I urge you to look EVERYWHERE ELSE for a better deal, or make it yourself if you can, but if you can't, at the very least, you have a list of items to get. I am not rich by any means, nor am I really even middle class, I'm blessed to be where I am at, but money is not my goal, nor is it my one main desire.

SO HERE IT IS, for those of you who, like me are low on cash, or low on skills or both what can YOU do to prepare for the collapse of the dollar? You don't have the land for a garden, or if you do, don't have the skills to maintain a garden. You can't raise chickens, ducks or bunnies for a ready food supply for one reason or the other. What can you DO?

You have to become a resource for objects or materials that other people who have prepared will need. No one can possibly do it all by themselves. You need to fill that niche that other people didn't think about. If you are near a lake, a river or an ocean, chances are there are several bait shops near your home. When the shipment of baits come in everything is smooth. When the SHTF, the baits stop rolling in. The fully prepared family with all the fishing gear in the world will eventually need bait to catch their dinner, but the stores are closed. You can meet this need with less than $20.00 invested. NO! I DO NOT SELL KITS so knock it off, these are just ideas. (see part 2)

There is an alternate way to supply bait that requires no more effort than folding a thick piece of paper. (see part 3)

Preppers with huge gardens will need fertilizer for their soil. Their direct manure from their farm animals may burn their vegetable plants, but YOU can meet this need in the same exact way you meet the bait need and for the same amount of money. (see part 4)

Converting $1.00 tomato cages into crab traps with less than $10 worth of materials will allow you to trade your traps for food. Sometimes this material can be obtained for free. The shells and remains can be composted after being shredded so keep those as well. (see part 5)

Information Specialist - gather all the information you can on abandoned houses, storefronts, apartments, vacation cottages and the like in your area. Note the relative safety or lack thereof in each location and keep tabs on all these places. You may have to find someone a place to hole up for a while. All this requires is a little sleuthing on your part. No costs at all. But accurate information can be traded for foods, medicine and more.
Other information that can be used to trade: movements and actions of gangs, national guard or UN forces intel, stash houses of drugs, weapons and movements of troops in your area.

Manual Labor - if you are a mechanic, a doctor, a veterinarian, electrician or plumber, your skills would be essential in a new community and could be bartered for. Any skill you can begin learning now, all it takes is a trip to Goodwill to see if any of the Time/Life Home Improvement books or something similar are available. Read, practice and become skilled if you are not already.

Odd Objects - When the grocery and drug stores have been picked clean of food, water and more, there will be some stuff left. Go, grab as much as you can in toilet paper, paper towel, diapers, feminine products, beer, wine and liquor, cigarettes (yes, even if you don't smoke). Cleaning chemicals, vinegar, ammonia, bleach, chlorine, and hydrogen peroxide. Razors, deodorants anything that will be in demand when people realize the collapse will be more than just a weekend event. Store these objects where you can find them but away from your home. Cars that are wrecked or out of gas that becomes impossible to obtain still have batteries for power, tires for other vehicles or planting potatoes in, alternators for turbines, oil for burning, transmission fluid for mechanical projects, learn how to locate and remove these items. If you feel bad about taking the objects without paying for them, leave an IOU on the counter. This is about survival here, and you are taking necessities, not big screen TV's. If you are taking big screen TV's, what is wrong with you?

Let me reiterate the fact that I am not rich in any way, shape or form we struggle along with everyone else, but we do what we can for ourselves and others, and you can too.

Just because you may not have a lot of money, or a lot of skill currently in preparation techniques, is no excuse for sitting back and just hoping that things will get better. Nothing in life works that way. Begin learning now, begin practicing now. If all you have is an extra $8 a week for a case of 36 Ramen noodle packets, get as many as you can. It will be something

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