Friday, October 21, 2011

Preparing for the Ill-Equipped and Underfunded Part 4

In addition to worms providing bait, they also provide castings, (that's poop to you city folk). To harvest the castings to barter as fertilizer, open the plastic tub and scoop the first three inches off of the top. Let the worms retreat into the darkness for ten minutes and repeat the process. Place these scoops into a bucket and repeat until the poor worms have only about four inches of soil left.

Place a sweet piece of apple on one end of the tub on top of the soil. Wait for about an hour and remove all the soil and castings on the side of the container without the apple. Most of the worms will be feasting on the other side. Replace the removed soil with new soil up to the top and add a layer of some nice fruit garbage for your worms to enjoy for all the stress you caused them by wrecking their home.

Repeat with each tub and use the castings as fertilizer in your garden or trade it for the fruits of someone else's garden. You can now provide fisherman preppers with bait and gardening preppers with fertilizer. All for less than you would spend on a dinner out by yourself. And the worms keep reproducing, keep pooping, and keep you in business.

PS - no you cannot double the amount of worms you have by cutting them in half, plus 'yuck! why would you do that?'

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