Thursday, March 22, 2012

Killing Your Own Food Part 3

Trapping and Butchering Small Game

The images are from another site you will see at the bottom of the page and the instructions are included in The Last Domino book in the "Eating When all Other Food is Gone" section. The pictures on the site below are very graphic so I did not include them here to avoid offending TPTB at FB.

Start at the anal cavity and slice upward. Avoid puncturing organs.

Open cavity and let fluids drain remove membrane and organs.

Remove sex organs and remaining parts.

Dislocate wrists and legs, remove bone and peel skin from body.

Peel meat from body up to head area and remove head.

You now have one small meal and a hide to clean.

Most other small game animals can be cleaned in this manner so that you can make a meal of them. Follow these directions for rabbits, frogs, otter, beavers and others. Use directions for fowl from the Preparing book. All the experiments I did with DIY traps failed as I don’t have the hand eye coordination needed to make these work. I use metal traps I bought in the feed store, they will work much better than something I could make.

Remember that the hides can be used for a variety of needs. Shoes, hats, socks, etc.

I know it should be obvious but here are a few warnings about eating small game animals. Obviously, if the animal has died and you come upon it, you don’t have any idea what killed it. DON”T eat it. If the animal died as a result of a snake bite, or disease you may get ill or worse if you eat the meat.

If the animal shows signs of illness, it’s best just to let it go on it’s way, rabies can be passed through the eating of the flesh. (don’t risk that.)

Don't toss the entrails! These can be used for bait for fishing (catfish love entrails) or to trap other animals.

Animals to avoid eating, (again this should be common sense)

Skunks (they will release their scent upon death or threat of death, as bad as it smells, imagine how it tastes)

Raccoons although you CAN eat raccoon, many wild raccoons have diseases that could pass on to you.

Vultures or buzzards and typically predators of other animals. These birds have the unique ability to vomit highly concentrated stomach acid at their prey. (watch 'The Fly' for a visual) Accidentally piercing the stomach lining of a vulture you killed will not only destroy what meat you may have gotten, but could seriously injure you. The meat is not appetizing in any way, shape or form.

You don’t want to try to hunt down, kill and eat something that can eat you. That is more for safety than anything else.



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