Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Band-Wagon is Getting Heavy

There are a number of different ways and reasons that the dollar will collapse. Given even one of them, it would create the type of panic and riots here that we saw in Greece and other places. It's unsustainable debt, an inverse balance in exports/imports trade, uncontrollable borrowing from America's enemies to fund excessive spending, the Clouard-Piven collapse the system tactics being followed by our leaders in Government and the imminent collapse of the Euro. With each way or reason, there are those who insist that that is the only one and true reason that the collapse will occur. Sadly, they are mistaken.

But with each day, more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon of prepping for a total economic collapse. There are more internet sites and blogs being created every day. This is a good thing. The more people who are prepared, the fewer people there will be in the initial meelee and panic of the collapse. There are a lot of us in this same boat. Our loved ones feel we've lost an essential part of our brains, we see the sinister motives of such pleasantly named companies like Monsanto and we seriously consider a composting toilet as a much needed accessory for our future.

With more of us boarding every day, our bandwagon is getting heavy. This brings up a few really good points we need to think about.

First, communication. Once the SHTF there will be no easy way for like-minded individuals to keep in contact for news, tips, support and to help make us feel like we aren't alone in the universe. The SMS testing finally worked successfully with over 75% of participants receiving the message. The reverse SMS test was more than likely screwed up by yours truly who tried unsuccessfully to forward the test message. The BBS test in May only had one other participant and the process was difficult. There is a list of BBS sites, which can be used even when the internet is off, that will enable us to communicate old school style in the Last Domino book which is available now for free in the DOCS section of this page.

Second, protection. Since there are more of us, and more is better than fewer, we can find these like-minded people now before prepping becomes doing and everyone is on board. If you read that article about the collapse in Bosnia and what the people went through there, you know that groups survive, individuals don't. Hiding only succeeds if no one can find your hiding spot. We need a group of people in a community to survive.

Third, talents. Not everyone can successfully raise and slaughter animals, grow vegetables and fruit, build structures, shoot accurately and swiftly, but if you can do one, and a friend can do another you can compensate for weaknesses by banding together. I am terrible at building, but am a dang fine shot with a rifle. I can grow veggies and fruit successfully but I really hate slaughtering animals. Find your strengths and weaknesses and find allies to make up for those weaknesses.

Four, supplies. Sharing supplies you have with someone else in exchange for work or supplies you don't have will become essential to survival. Few of us have the room to store a years worth of toilet paper or water, but we can trade or barter if need be.

It's sometimes funny to see the comments from those who are just now learning how precarious our position is. They speculate about having only a decade left before the collapse, I wish I believed that we had that long. They will learn, gain more skills and hopefully be somewhat ready when the SHTF. If you have any other ideas about community living or communications, feel free to post them below. We are all here to learn what we can, while we can.

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