Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crazy: Part Three

The other impending crisis event that is coming is the collapse of the US Dollar. Because the currency has not collapsed in the lifetime of the ignorant majority, they believe it is not possible and that it won't happen. There are a few facts that they should, but will not consider.

1. George Soros engineered financial collapse in England, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Argentina, Slovakia, Croatia, Georgia, and Yugoslavia. He has engineered the collapse of countless currencies all over the globe. He makes billions by shorting the currency and as millions are plunged into hunger and poverty, unemployment and anarchy, he calls this practice "fun." This is the same man who stated on TV that his next goal is to collapse the US dollar. As the US dollar is so intertwined with other world currencies, he will make trillions. He has done it before, has stated he will do it with the US Dollar, why is taking him seriously at his word considered, "Crazy"?

2. Our Debt and Spending Levels are unsustainable. Put into monetary figures everyone can understand, Our US "Family" earns $58,000 a year.(in tax revenue) We spend $75,000 (congressional spending, not counting Obamacare and Cap and Trade taxes) a year and have $327,000 in credit card debt. We have to borrow $17,000 a year just to keep up with our current lifestyle. That nice family next door, Mr. and Mrs. Chinaman have told us that they will no longer loan us the extra $17,000 a year to finance our debt. So now we have to trim another $17,000 a year from our spending just to break even. That's not counting the extra $40,000 in interest each year we are paying on what we already owe Mr. and Mrs. Chinaman.

I know a person, he will remain nameless cause this is a true story. He had an innate desire to impress others. His family, his employees (legal and otherwise) and people he didn't know. ALL had to be impressed with him, his house and his wealth. The problem? He wasn't wealthy. He is in construction and built himself a close to $2 million house. The monthly payments were just shy of his total yearly income. He started all this AFTER the housing bubble burst. Then on top of his other three vehicles, he just had to have that $75,000 two-seat car. When a vehicle got too old, or paid off, he'd trade for the next higher up model. Then they HAD to go to Hawaii, the Bahamas and the Keys all in the same year that his business was sliding off into non-existence. It was unsustainable. Right now, WE are that family as Americans. What are they doing now? They are in a smaller townhouse got rid of all the nice "extras" they bought to impress others and are trying to survive.

We won't have the option of getting out from under this debt. The pain of dealing with the eventual collapse is seemingly less important to the political elite than getting reelected. We can't continue this trend, and yet that is exactly what we are doing.

I guess we are just crazy.


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