Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eurogedden Part Two

Your medical needs are set. You have a bug out and bug in alternative location chosen. Your cash is safely with you or hidden where you can get to it. You have food and water for at least three months. Your gun rack is full, your ammo storehouse is too. You’ve given up on the trip to Mexico or the Caribbean, wisely. Now it is day two. The second day of the Euro collapse will bring news of intense rioting, killing and mayhem in most of what is considered “civilization” in Europe.

Your spouse knows you have been talking about the collapse of the Euro, have him/her spend a few hours watching the footage from the UK, Spain, Germany, Greece, etc. If the scenes of violence and social unrest in these countries still won’t convince them it will happen here, work around them. Do it anyway. They will forgive you later.

The Fed will no doubt print more money to make up for the lack of import revenues beginning some time on this day. Decide now what items you will need and purchase them quickly as the QE 4 or 5 by the time this happens will devalue your dollar faster than Barney Franks can spit.

You should be thinking of security right now. Read the last few articles at the God and Country Blog about low cost to free security measures. Secure your home from intruders, even if it means buying that dog you always wanted. Tint the windows so that no one can see who is home from the outside. Mirror tint will work until the necessity for plywood rolls around.

You should also consider energy, what devices will you need to power on when all other utilities are off? A small solar unit can power a hotplate and a freezer during the day. At night you will have to make other arrangements unless you have a bank of batteries storing the power generated in the day time.

Do you have sick days coming to you that you are saving? Why? Cash them in, take them so you can work at home on the garden or another project.

Here is the last bit of advice for the second day. It will be controversial and I’m sure I’ll get someone who will scold me for this. If you have loved ones that are some distance from you, if they are of a like mind, begin the preparations or planning to either move them to you or you to them, whichever would work best. If they are not of a like mind, or think you are nuts, let them fend for themselves. Make sure you are ready, but do not expend a lot of effort or energy to try to convince them of the coming danger. Let them know you are there for them if they need you, but don’t beat your head against the wall.

Why? Because the Clouard-Piven strategy being implemented by our government leaders and the OWS protesters has already revealed the willingness to have Americans turning in Americans if they disagree with the President. The Senate is voting this week on a bill that would allow the military to arrest and detain Americans with no trial, with no rights because they disagree with the President. If your loved one thinks you are nuts, and has to feed his or her family, you have to be 150% sure that they would not turn you in so that they could receive food. If you don’t think they would because Cousin Ernie has always been a loyal person, think twice.


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