Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SHTF Radical Investment Ideas

I am not a finance expert, I do not have stocks, bonds or even a retirement plan. Since we do not know the actual time that the economy will completely collapse we don't know if we have a month, a year or five years left. Most experts are projecting 2012 as the year of the dollar collapse. Some believe we have a couple of years and I've even heard one that seems to believe we have five years left.

So what do we do with money (if of course you are lucky enough to have any) before the collapse? Once the dollar goes, our savings, investments etc will be worthless. If you are putting a regular amount into any future investment vehicle, you may want to consider putting off any more contributions if you don't have a year's worth of food, water and ability to provide more of both to you and your family.

If you are putting away enough money for retirement that could be used to purchase land or a farm, why? Get some land in your name now! If you can't do this, do what you can with food, water and medicines.

What about debts? If you can, continue to pay them. However, when the dollar collapses, it will affect those companies you owe money to far more deeply than it will affect you. Think about it, the collectors calling you get paid, the execs for the collection companies get paid, when the money they are getting paid becomes worthless how enthusiastically do you think those individuals will be chasing you?

Our number one goal should be to have the food, the water, the medicines and the ability to raise and grow food. If paying all credit card bills prevents you from prepping as you should remember that after the collapse, your credit score will mean squat. What will matter is can you survive?

I know what I am saying flies into the face of Dave Ramsey ideals but we need to do what we have to as soon as we can. When you see that Greece has collapsed entirely, the Euro will be less than a month behind and the Dollar will be about ten business days beyond that.

If you want to invest in a sure thing, invest in your survival.

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