Sunday, June 27, 2010

Obama Wants an Internet Kill Switch

It was dangerous when the White House wanted American citizens to turn in their neighbors for opposing viewpoints on the Obamacare Plan and unprecedented for them to so openly request information on the individuals who didn't agree with them. I am an avid student of history and these immense power grabs from the Obama Administration show no signs of slowing down or letting up in anyway. To the contrary, it seems that Mr. Obama is speeding up attempts to control the media, control the population, the banks, the student loan industry and the oil companies. Now he is in the process of completing yet another step towards changing America from a free country to a Marxist socialist utopia he has always believed was possible.

With the power to shut off the internet, ostensibly in a time of 'war', and yet remember we are not in a 'war' against terrorism according to BHO, we are in a 'war' against an oil spill, he will be able to control the flow of information that delayed the passing of the Health Care Plan. He will be able to halt any information that is against his agenda. This is from the same group who wants to return to the overly regulated days of the "Fairness Doctrine".

It is time to take our heads out of the sand, Obama desires a Marxist society, he has nominated two Supreme Court justices who don't believe in the First Amendment freedom of speech. With control over the media through the Fairness Doctrine and the power to shut down internet sites that disagree with him Obama has put himself in a position of becoming the 'unopposed dictator' of the United States of America.

Obama took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, he is not only failing in that job, the work he is doing is in attacking and tearing the Constitutional rights to shreds. Barack Hussein Obama is intentionally attacking the very fabric of our nation from his position as leader. The time is quickly coming that all Americans need to take a stand to protect and defend the Constitution from those who are refusing to do so. The time is quickly coming as Christians that we step out of our comfort zone with political correctness and stop worrying about offending others, because without a free nation to exercise our faith in, the church will no longer be the blessing to the world it is today. If we don't take a stand now, we will lose our freedom.


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