Saturday, November 6, 2010

At Best it's Ignorance, At Worst it's arrogance.

 The 2010 Mid-Term Elections to anyone but our president represent a repudiation of the collective salvation and social justice gospel that he has been preaching. It is a rejection of the very Marxist lean that our country has taken and the liberal ideas of government funded health insurance, government owned private industries and government dictates that cause CEO's to lose their job. Never in the history of our Country has a President ordered a private company to fire their CEO until now.

Never before in the history of our Country has a President:
1. asked neighbors and relatives to send in the names of those who disagree with his agenda to the White House.
2. ignored the will of the People in pursuing a selfish agenda.
3. taken over a car company, banks, the student loan industry, and sought and obtain the ability to shut down a major source of communication in case of "emergency" in this case, the internet.
4. traveled around the world apologizing for our Country's history and for our right to defend ourselves from terrorists.
5. bowed before petty dictators and the Saudi king in deference to their authority over him, including the mayor of Tampa, Florida.
6. sided with terrorists over citizens of the United States
7. sued a state for doing what his administration has refused to do
8. denied disaster assistance for a state whose policies he didn't agree with. (Texas)
9. called American citizens who disagreed with him "enemies."
10. chosen Islam over and above Christianity as being important to this nation.
11. wanted to form, fund and train a civilian army accountable not to a chain of military command but to him and him alone.
12. hated America and capitalism as much as this man does.

He still believes that what he is doing is right. He doesn't understand that as Americans we must reject these efforts completely. Whether it's because he is ignorant of American thinking or so arrogant that it doesn't matter to him is irrelevant. The results are the same. He will continue to push his message, his Socialist-Utopian ideals and continue to reject the truth.

Obama says election results are not his fault.

Understand please that Christians should pray for their leaders, including this one. But don't be fooled by his claims to Christianity as his religion. He has sided with infanticide, refused to stand where Jesus' name is mentioned in the background, canceled the National Day of Prayer Breakfast and chosen to celebrate Ramadan in the White House instead, and openly claimed that America is not a Christian nation. Jesus said, "He who is not for Me is against Me." and "He who does not confess Me before men, him I will not confess before My Father."

Obama's understanding of salvation is one of collective salvation, one cannot be saved without the salvation of all. His gospel is Social Justice, redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor. Sadly, many churches with rich traditions and histories have bought into this. To be saved, to go to Heaven, one must equal everything out.

The Biblical Gospel is this: God made man to have eternal fellowship with Him. Man chose to disobey and sin. Throughout the Old Testament God reached out to a chosen people, from whom would come the Messiah. The cycle of Old Testament history has His people rejecting and then accepting Him when things got bad returning to rejection again when things went well.

God became flesh in Jesus. He was born to a rather insignificant yet faithful young lady in a small town. She conceived Jesus as a virgin and would later give birth to Joseph's other sons and daughters. Jesus lived his life quietly until he reached the age of 30. Even his brothers and sisters rejected His teaching. Jesus died once to pay the penalty for all our sins. Our response to what He did if we want to accept His gospel is to obey, be immersed for the forgiveness of our sins and raised as he was in baptism. We must live as He did, knowing we cannot be good enough to avoid the Hell created for the Devil and his angels, that it is only through this Gospel that we are saved.

If it be your church leader, or the President of the United States, telling you that there is another way to salvation. That giving all to the poor is what you need to do to be saved, that donating to their church, or praying to the dead will help, they are lying to you. Obama's gospel is not the Biblical one, it is one that will doom him to Hell as surely as the false teaching of Islam dooms Muslim's to Hell.

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