Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For American Christians Today is a Day that will be Remembered.

Just a few hours from right now, the polls across this country will close and the votes will begin to be counted in an effort to determine which direction this Country will go. For those Christians that like to straddle the fence politically as if there is no clear or necessary choice that we as Christians have in voting. Issues like the murder of unborn children, the support of the homosexual lifestyle and the perversion of the Gospel in the form of Social Justice don't seem to motivate them to get their rear ends to the polling place.

As Christians, we have been given a gift, not only of eternal life through Christ, but of a life lived in the Greatest Country in the World. We can walk around with Bibles, preach on the street corners and practice our faith without fear of being arrested or executed. Many Christians use the phrase, "The Church is always just one generation from extinction." Understand this, as Americans, "We are always just one generation from losing our God-given freedoms."

Today, November 2nd, 2010, we will be deciding as a nation to continue moving toward the restrictive Marxism represented by our current President and his ilk. Or, we can choose to return to the original intents of our forefathers in electing a Conservative candidate. The idea that it just doesn't make a difference because God is in control is plain silly. YES! God is in control, does that mean you don't apply the brakes in your car when approaching a stop light? "God will stop my car."

Does that mean that you don't go to work anymore? "God will take care of me." NO! God has given us minds, hearts and free-will. In order to claim His promises and blessings, we don't start by removing ourselves from making critical decisions, we act. We DO something. Elections matter. They matter for Christians and non-Christians. This is the Free Nation God has given us, the one that our fathers, brothers, sisters and mothers have died to keep free.

Today is the first of two elections that will help reverse the Socialist-Marxist trend we are headed toward. The next one is November 2012. Use your free-will, find a conservative candidate and get out to vote.

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