Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Last Domino - Medical Needs After the Collapse Part 1

Monopoly on FDA Acceptable Drugs

In order to understand the following section, you have to be aware of a few facts. First, there are drugs that are in use worldwide that are not available in the United States solely due to the rigid requirements of the FDA. These requirements include a fee of over $300,000 paid to the FDA, ostensibly to handle the costs of testing. Testing is another requirement that can take years, or less based on how well connected the pharmaceutical company is to the people at the FDA. These drugs used worldwide are effective, sometimes more so than the ones available here. And, these drugs are in many cases available without a prescription.

Ordering these drugs from an online pharmacy located in the Netherlands or elsewhere is a crap shoot. You never know if you are getting the actual drug you ordered. Don’t do it. A simple drive to Mexico or Canada may yield the medications you need, be aware though, that thanks to the FDA, bringing in some unapproved drugs is illegal. Mailing these unapproved drugs to your address is illegal. We are going to look at some options you have including overseas prescriptions to get around the FDA.

It is time for a legal disclaimer. I am not a doctor, never been one. I am not even related to a doctor. When the dollar collapses, your access to these medications will be severely restricted. The government, if it even can get these medications, will be the group deciding how to get your medicines to you. If you are comfortable with that, fine. Put this book down and wait for the Nanny state to help you. If you are not, realize that you have a responsibility to yourself and your family to be prepared for any situation.

I am not telling you in anyway to break the law, what I am telling you is that you are responsible for your own decisions. I will not take responsibility for the actions another individual takes. If you are facing a life and death situation and medical help is completely unavailable, then and only then should you consider these instructions as an alternative. So how do you get the medical treatment you need? What could you possibly do to prepare for a time when medical treatment is severely limited?

It doesn’t matter if it is limited because of Obama Care or because of the collapse of the dollar. You are responsible for providing for your family and you need to prepare for the chance that medical care is unavailable.

**In the book there are pictures I cannot put in these notes. I am trying to get as much of this info out there and available as I can as quickly as I can but the charts, pics and graphics with contact numbers etc, won't post. Some of them are just too big. I will do what I can.

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