Monday, September 19, 2011

The Last Domino - Medical Needs After the Collapse Part 2

1. Obtaining Prescription Drugs before the Crisis

For those people who lived through the aftermath of Hurricane Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne they became very familiar with a shortage few people consider until the crisis has passed. That shortage is prescription medication. There are about two pharmacy chains on just about every corner in most hometowns, however, when the power is kaput on a large scale, these stores are not open. If you were running low on medication the day the crisis hit, you may not get your medication for some time.

Please understand I am not talking about Oxycontin, Valium or any other narcotic pain relievers here. Your prescription for diabetes, high blood pressure or any other type of ailment needs to be in ready supply. The problem is that many doctors like you coming back on a regular basis and thus limit the refills on your prescription to a one month supply at a time.

As dedicated as some doctors and pharmacists are to the people and patients they serve, there is no guarantee that they will continue to show up to work to get paid in what amounts to monopoly money after the dollar has collapsed. We are going to look at some conventional, common sense solutions to having a larger supply on hand than those who will not prepare. And then we will look at some unorthodox methods as well.

Conventional solutions


First is the most obvious, tell the doctor the truth, you need to keep a decent supply of this medication available, tell him or her why, because you are concerned about the destabilization of the economy and need to know you have a consistent supply on hand. If you suspect your doctor wouldn’t understand, (if he or she has an Obama/Biden bumper sticker still on their car obviously they will not) tell him/her you are planning an out of the country cruise and will need a three to six month supply as you don’t know where you will be and when you will be out. In other words, LIE.


You may be surprised to find state pharmaceutical programs that help people with their prescription needs. See the state list found in this chapter and call to see if you qualify. Sometimes these state programs can give a three month supply at a time. If this is for diabetes or heart or any non-narcotic medicine, see if you can get a larger supply through the state. See the list of phone numbers of each state’s plan below.


The next option is a little less obvious. Some pharmaceutical companies have Patient Assistance Programs that will allow you to order more than a months’ supply of pills at a time as long as you have that prescription. Speak to your doctor about these programs to see if you would qualify for them. Or, call the company that makes the pills you need and see if you can speak to them directly and order what you need after they confirm your needs by speaking to your doctor. In some cases these programs provide prescriptions at a discounted rate for those in need.

Stock up a good supply and keep refilling your prescriptions and rotating the supply on a first in, last out basis. Once that supply is gone, you are going to have to rely on less conventional, or unorthodox means of getting your needed medications.

These contact numbers and addresses are in the book and I would include them here but the format they are in won't cut and paste into a note. Sorry. Next excerpt will be on the Unorthodox methods in getting your needed medications.

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