Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Last Domino - Medical Needs After the Collapse Part 5

Stock up on over the counter pain medications as much as you can. We all know, however, that some pain is just too much for a couple of Advil. So what can you do if you don’t have the access to find these pain relievers? If you know anyone in Puerto Rico or can travel there for a short stay, Tylenol 3 and 4 are available over the counter. Lidocaine and Verced are also available without a prescription. Since Puerto Rico is a territory of the US, there is usually no problem bringing these drugs in or shipping them from there to your address.

There are many pharmacies in Mexico and Canada that have these drugs available in an over the counter form. Getting these into the country may be a little more difficult. Be creative. Puerto Rico is easier and you don’t need a prescription for Tylenol3 (which contains one fourth of a grain of codeine) or Tylenol4 (which contains one half of a grain of codeine) when you are in Puerto Rico. These are common over the counter medications in many pharmacies there. This avoids the scrutiny and the illegality of doing this in Mexico or Canada. See end of this chapter for the phone numbers of some Canadian, Mexican and Puerto Rican pharmacies.


            Bupivacaine    strong intravenous pain reliever available through mail order prescription catalogs.

            Lidocaine is another strong intravenous pain reliever available in veterinarian supply houses, feed stores and overseas pharmacies.

            Marcaine (like Lidocaine) except only available overseas.

            Rimadyl available in several sizes from 25mg to 100mg. Prescribed to ease pain after surgery. Available in pet supply and feed stores.

            Sodium Pentathol – yes, this is sometimes called truth serum. It’s an anesthetic used for performing procedures on patients.

            Phenylbutazone – specifically for horses, it is used to treat pain after surgeries or limb breaks. Also reduces fever and inflammation. Find a good feed store, or vet.

            Tramadol – works like morphine to dull pain receptors in the brain. Available in pet clinics and in pet supply warehouses. In Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wyoming this is considered a controlled substance. Do the math.

            Tylenol 3&4 – Tylenol mixed with Codeine with 3 it’s one-quarter of a grain with 4 its one-half. Both are available without a prescription in Puerto Rico and other overseas pharmacies.

            Tylox – very potent pain killer in the Oxycontin family. Available from overseas pharmacies.

Next Note: Unorthodox Methods of Pain Management

Three Pharmacies in Puerto Rico you can get pain meds in that you can't get here without a Prescription. Yes, it's legal to get them there.

Walgreen Of Puerto Rico, Inc.
Address: 90 Avenida Rio Hondo, Zip Cinema Building
City: San Juan
Departement: Bayamón
Phone: (1-787) 795-4200
Fax: (1-787) 261-5205

Farmacia La Nueva Mariara
Address: 2-L Calle 9, Rexville
City: San Juan
Departement: Bayamón
Phone: (1-787) 797-369
Fax: (1-787) 797-3969

Farmacia Canovanas
Address: Centro Comercial Valley Mall
Departement: Canovanas
Phone: (1-787) 876-3400
Fax: (1-787) 876-7631


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