Friday, September 23, 2011

The Last Domino - Medical Needs After the Collapse Part 6


If you or a loved one is in intense pain and it’s going to take time for the medication to kick in, if you even have any, one semi-dangerous solution is to make use of a large can of unshaken whipped cream. The gas used to mix with liquid cream to give it that ‘whipped’ appearance is Nitrous Oxide. Otherwise known as “Laughing Gas”, Nitrous Oxide is used by dentists to calm a patient prior to painful surgery. The effects are temporary but last long enough for a Tylenol 3 or 4 to kick in. Don’t shake the can and have the patient breathe in the gas as much as he or she can. It’s dangerous if the patient takes in too much gas so make sure to limit exposure to one can only.

Chloroform – Chloroform is available in feed stores and in some survival supply locations. It was in wide use during the Civil War as an anesthetic because it could knock a person out for amputations and other painful surgeries. Create a chloroform mask with a medium sized funnel. Cut off the narrow end of the funnel and drill two small holes in the side of the “cup” portion. Soak a cloth in Chloroform and secure it over the cut end of the funnel using a rubber band. Hold two fingers over the holes. When the patient is unconscious release the fingers from the hole to allow for a decent mixture of oxygen and chloroform. Do this for only a short time, a minute or two, then remove the mask completely.

There are two things to remember about Chloroform, first, it can kill you. Breathing straight Chloroform for extended periods will kill the patient. Once the patient is safely out, remove the mask. Reengage the mask when it seems the patient is waking up, if the procedure is not done yet. And second, Chloroform stores great in sealed containers. Once the seal is broken though, the liquid will evaporate quickly. Large containers of Chloroform are not necessary.

Chloroform is available for sale at farm supply stores and school science supply stores, like


One book recommends the use of cocaine to control pain topically, orally and otherwise. I do not like the idea of using what are now illegal drugs in any way. If you are left with little option however, do what you must.

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