Monday, September 26, 2011

The Last Domino - Medical Needs After the Collapse Part 7


Have as much wound cleanser in stock as possible. Betadine, Iodine, and other over the counter medicines will work for cleaning wounds. Once the wound has been cleaned you need a strong medicine to put into the wound to help it heal. Scarlex and Sulfamylon can be used to treat the wound both are available in veterinary and feed store locations or can be ordered out of medical supply companies in accordance with FDA regulations. The animal grade Betadine is an excellent anti-septic for wound cleansing, hypothetically speaking of course.


Bacitracin is a topical antibacterial solution or cream for skin infections. It’s available overseas without a prescription.

Betadine an antiseptic there is one diluted type for humans that is somewhat effective and the Betadine for veterinary medicine that works wonders for wounds or burns.


If neither of the previous wound dressing medicines is available there is an ancient salve that is clean, anti-bacterial and safe to use. Honey or Sugar will help the wound heal and will prevent bacterial infection from setting in. Fill the wound with the sweet stuff after cleaning it first with clean water and wrap tightly. This homemade dressing must be changed about two times a day, cleaned out with sterile water and redressed. This is the cure of Bible era times to difficult injuries. It gives new meaning to “the land of milk and honey” doesn’t it?


A dose of over the counter antihistamines can help control minor bleeding. Small wounds need to cleaned out but if they are small enough can be sutured together with Super-Glue if you aren’t comfortable sewing up flesh with needles. That magic liquid stitching they use in hospitals? It’s a $300 bottle of super glue. Some veterinary stores sell a product for deeper or larger wounds called butyl-cyanoacrylate, try ordering some under the product name 3M Vetbond. In 2000, the FDA got their ‘fee’ and approved a product called Dermabond which helps inhibit bacterial growth.

Insect Stings

As always, it’s best to have the over the counter meds available for use. If they aren’t however a bee sting or ant bite can be extremely painful. Get a cheap can of snuff or chewing tobacco in the pouches. Dampen one pouch a bit and fasten it over the bite or sting, after removing the stinger of course. Wrap the area with gauze so that the pouch of tobacco stays firmly over the insect bite. The nicotine and tannin levels will draw the poison out overnight. Replace with another pouch if needed. Warning, this will not work with snake bites, don’t try it.

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