Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Last Domino - Medical Needs After the Collapse Part 8

The initial stages of the panic are going to subside at some point. There will still be hungry people, panicking people but they will more than likely be barricaded in their home. Here is a scenario that is really possible to help you get more medications after the collapse has occurred.

            The thugs will smash into any pharmacy that is closed early on because no one wants to work for monopoly money or because shipments of goods have stopped. The thugs will grab the narcotic pain killers if they have the ability to read at all. Once the narcotics are gone, they will leave. There stands an empty store.

            Hypothetically, if the police are still patrolling the area for free, let them know you want to get some antibiotics and some medicinal creams and offer to trade some food for the protection of getting inside the store and getting out. You would have extra food if you did what I told you to do in the first book. If there are no police, if there are no employees, managers, etc, legally you cannot enter the premises or take anything from it. Legally.

            I would never recommend that anyone go inside the store and pick up as much antibiotics as is possible. Nor would I suggest that anyone locate needed heart, diabetes, and other medications that could be traded for something you need or used. To do so would absolutely be wrong. The question you need to ask yourself is this, “How desperate is the situation?” and “How likely would it be that anyone would care?”

           After Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, you had the looters and the thugs stealing electronics in a city with no power. And then, you had those people who just wanted food. They walked into a Walmart with no employees, no power and no money and walked out with bread and other foods they needed for their family.
          They walked out with new clothes and shoes because theirs were destroyed. None of them were prosecuted, the food was going to have to be thrown out anyway. The dollar collapse is going to dwarf what happened in New Orleans a thousand-fold. So you will have the thugs, but you will have the people who have urgent medical needs that cannot be met any other way. Now what do you do?

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