Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Top Ten Items Under $50 You Need Before the Dollar Collapse

1. Water - we don't think about it too often, but just for drinking and cooking, you are going to need 2 qts a day per person, for washing add another 2 qts per person. Get the five gallon jugs and store them away in a cool dark place. You may want some water filtration tablets too for when you run out of clean water. The filtration plants in Argentina shut down after their collapse so even their tap water was unsafe. It still is unsafe after 14 years. ($6.00 on Amazon) (No I don't sell them.)

2. Food dehydrator - we don't know if the utilities will be working but you can run small appliances temporarily off of a solar charger.

3. Sun Oven - ask a boy scout how to make a Sun Oven you won't need power, charcoal or gas at all.

4. Antibiotics - antibiotics will be more valuable than gold in rough times go to a farm store and buy $50 worth of $5.00 bags of powdered Tetracyclin.

5. Liquid Medicines - Antiseptics, Denatured Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Honey.

6. Bandages, wraps, gauze and gloves.

7. Rechargeable batteries - at least you will have flash lights.

8. Deep Cycle battery - can be jerry rigged to provide limited power in an emergency.

9. Full tank of gas (this MIGHT be over $50) - in case you need to bug out of a bad situation.

10. Extra Ammunition - Ammo for 22's is CHEAP.

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