Saturday, September 10, 2011

Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the U.S. Dollar - Introduction

The fact that you are reading this book now means that you get it. I don’t have to explain what is coming to our beloved country. Whether it’s the collapse of the dollar to worthlessness or the panic as a result of climbing hyperinflation prior to the collapse doesn’t matter. Whether it occurs when Barack Hussein Obama is in power or when a Tea Party conservative President is in power the fact is that that day is coming soon.

History shows us what happens when a countries’ monetary system collapses. It happened in Germany after World War I and for decades decimated the economy and the way of life even more than the ravages of war had. It’s happened in several countries since then. It will happen here.

A collapsed dollar means that all those hours you are working will be exchanged for a pile of worthless paper. So why work? How would grocery stores receive compensation for the foods they sell? How many employees would show up to work if they got paid in what was essentially Monopoly money? How would mortgage companies respond? Landlords? Utility companies?

When Hurricane Charley swept through Central Florida, residents awoke to a new reality. Gas stations, grocery stores, any normal place you could go to stock up on supplies were closed. It was either because there was no power, no gas, or damage to the store structure. Many of these stores were closed for a week or more, and there are some locations that never reopened.

Then there was Hurricane Frances, then Ivan and Jeanne all in a one month period of time. Those who were out of food or who didn’t stock up were out of luck. Those who did had to either preserve or prepare the food somehow before the lack of electricity spoiled their food supply. An economic disaster will be far worse than four back to back hurricanes. You need to prepare.

The after effects of a collapsed dollar could last as few as one year to as many as a decade or two. So what can you do to prepare for this? Don’t get me wrong, everyone is going to experience a rough time. But there are practical steps you can take now to ensure that you at least have food, water, limited power, fuel, protection and a means of bartering for goods or services you don’t have.

Each section of this book has common sense steps you can take to provide for your future in an unstable environment. Each section of the book has an appendix of step by step instructions to build the structures or items you will need to be prepared. These steps are for the most part low impact, low cost steps so that everyone regardless of means can at least begin the process of preparation.

If the methods in this book seem extreme or paranoid, remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The little baby steps you take now in preparation will pay off big time when the crap hits the fan. Everyone thought Noah was extreme and paranoid preparing for a flood that no one believed was coming except for him. Finding out he was right too late cost these scoffers their lives.

The cost of this book is kept intentionally low so that it can be affordable for many people. I won’t really make a lot of money on this book I just figured that if more of my neighbors started preparing now, there would be fewer people panicking in the streets. The proceeds of this book will go toward aiding an effort to prepare to be a resource for families in need in our neck of the woods in Central Florida.

This is an excerpt from the book, "Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the US Dollar" by David Steven Roberts

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