Saturday, September 10, 2011

An Apology to Liberty

While many men and women we never met gave their lives in wars we never saw, we took you for granted.

While many peoples from other lands risked their lives and fortunes to get to your shores, we complained that our fortunes were not what we thought they should be.

While some pursued you with vigor and zeal and succeeded in the greatest nation in the world, we showed contempt and jealousy that some made it while we didn't.

For all those times that we bickered over senseless arguments of left versus right, an unseen hand was steering our nation toward totalitarianism and collapse.

For all those times we repeated the phrase, "one nation under God" and lived like He didn't exist or care what we made of the nation He inspired.

We apologize to you, Liberty.

We are sorry for getting so wrapped up in the body politic, so enthralled with a rock star candidate that we allowed one so opposed to Freedom, to American values and to the precepts established in this Country to end up leading us down a darkened path.

We took our Freedom for granted.

And in the face of a new threat from within, there are still those who refuse to see the danger. Those who refuse to acknowledge the problems that are looming ahead.

We may lose you.

Our children's children may never know what it is like to live in a free country and we are to blame.

We pray that the God who helped the Founding Fathers build this nation and her laws will stand by us as we fight the fight to preserve freedom.

Freedom of Speech in the face of Political Correctness

Freedom of Religion, not freedom of worship that dilutes the intent of religion in the first place.

Freedom to Bear Arms to protect our homes and our families from enemies both foreign and domestic.

All the freedoms enumerated in our Bill of Rights need to have those brave souls who will fight and die to protect these as a sacred duty to the freedoms preservation to the next generations.

We apologize.

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