Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Problem with Food Storage as a Solution

Proper food storage begins with large purchases of food, most likely at a wholesale food club, and storing the food so that your supply is rotated without being depleted. You know that already. One problem is that for many people, stocking up on food is a financial difficulty. A lot of us are living hand to mouth in this economy that has decimated the incomes and lifestyles of millions of Americans. Food storage is an essential step in the road to being prepared for earthquakes, hurricane season, or the economic meltdown that now even the CEO of Walmart and the President of the World Bank have joined in warning us about.

The main problem with food storage as a solution to a crisis is simple. Your supply of food, no matter how well stocked, is finite. Whether you have three months, six months or a year of food storage eventually even the most well stocked pantries are depleted. Having the food storage is good, but the question remains, 'How will you replace the food during the crisis?'

We are looking at the complete collapse of the US Dollar into worthlessness. It started decades ago when we were taken off the gold standard and then the silver. The inevitable consequence was that one day our dollar would be worthless. The mounting debt over those last decades contributed to the decline. The massive trade deficits with the US importing far more goods than they exported also have contributed to the decline.

Now we have a clearly Marxist influenced President, those are his words, not mine. Lerner of the SEIU, Piven of the Clouard-Piven school of radical thought have joined forces to intentionally collapse the economy of the United States of America. That is not conspiracy, that is their stated goal. Frances Fox-Piven wants rioting in the streets, wants the blood of innocents and the destablized economy to lead to her view of what would be a socialist utopia. Obama has spent more money in two years than all US Presidents in history combined. He has taken a national debt that was bad, into one that is completely unsustainable. This crisis is one that is not only unavoidable, but is being powered and driven from the highest levels of our government.

When the dollar collapses, employers will not be able to keep paying employees in what will amount to Monopoly money. Ask yourself if you would continue working for worthless paper. If stores are open, you can expect milk at $15/gallon, meat at $20+ per pound. The US Food Price index increased 50% in the last six months of 2010. When your finite supply of food is depleted, you will be in the same position as everyone who didn't prepare. You will be out of food, having to replace it with hyper-inflated food.

Chances are, employers won't be able to keep employees, won't be able to order more food from suppliers whose truckers are paying $12-$15 a gallon for gas. If these stores are closed, as many will be, you will still have to replace your supply of food. So even with a year's supply of food, are you prepared?

I learned two things when I got sucked into one of those Multi-Level Marketing schemes. First, I learned I don't ever want to get involved in another MLM as long as I live. The second thing I learned was the concept of an asset that 'throws off money'. The extremely wealthy people in our country find, build or buy an asset that 'throws off money' on a consistent basis for them. The rest of us trade our time, effort, blood, sweat and tears for money. The problem is that we have a finite amount of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears. The wealthy duplicate their success in finding, building or buying more assets that 'throw off money'. As such, they will never run out of money.

The same philosophy needs to be applied to preparing for this coming crisis. You need an asset that will 'throw off food' for you and your family. You need an asset that will by it's very nature, regularly generate a food source for you and your family. Food storage is great, it is essential, but it is finite. If you had a can of food that reproduced itself in your storage closet, you would always find more food each time you opened the closet and would not have a fear of your finite supply being depleted.

The book, "Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the US Dollar" is about just that. I wrote it because I saw what was coming. And each time I heard the experts say, 'Go buy Gold', honestly I got depressed. We didn't have the money to invest in gold. We are in the bottom 10% of income earners. Each time I heard them say, "Buy food insurance" I got frustrated, because the food insurance, while a great idea, is not cheap. Not for us, a family of six. I wrote about solutions that anyone can use to prepare. So that we wouldn't be in line waiting for government issued food. So that I could feel confident that our family would be fed every day.

We are using some of the proceeds of this book (it's $3.00) to build a food supply and energy supply bank so that even us poor folk can help those in need. Let's face it, some people in our family think we are nuts for preparing, for storing food and they are not ready. That doesn't mean we should let the children of the naysayers in our family starve. We need to help IF we can. The book is about procuring food, preserving the food you have with or without electricity, procuring energy, preserving or 'banking' energy and about keeping a population of concerned citizens connected should this crisis be the 'event' that gives Piven, Lerner and Obama the excuse to activate the internet kill switch. The second book includes all the things I wanted in the first but didn't have time. It's about obtaining medicines, personal safety, getting away from danger zones, setting up a Bulletin Board System that cannot be cut off when the internet is gone and more. "The Last Domino" is in process and I am hoping to have all the information I need to get this published before the crisis hits.

If you can't afford the $3.00, I understand. "Like" the book page on Facebook and you will get continual free videos based on the books I am writing. These videos take time, and sadly are not 'professionally' done, but the point is made and pictures given to help YOU prepare. The more of us that are prepared, then that will mean fewer people that will be dependent on government handouts, and the less desperate people wandering the streets.

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