Saturday, September 10, 2011

Time is Ticking Away.

Had Barack Hussein Obama never become the President of the United States, (pause, let me dream for a moment) we would still be facing the threat of the collapse of the US Dollar. The debt increases each day as we no longer bring in enough in tax revenue to pay the expenses of running this Country. If John McCain had won, (shudder), we would still be on an unsustainable path of reckless spending, it would just have been a longer path. Our children or grandchildren would have been the ones having to deal with the consequences of waking up one morning to find that China owned their Country outright. So although it is not 100% Barry's fault, nonetheless his policies have greased the tracks so to speak on our way to ruin.

We are paying out 8 times more in expenses than we are receiving in revenues. You can't make up for that kind of deficit with talk of "Hope" and "Change". We are well on the way now to the collapse and this is before we have started paying for Obamacare and Cap and Trade. Leave it to John McCain, if he can get one or two good news conferences out of it, he'll support Cap and Trade.

Is it possible that we have years, instead of months before the collapse? I hope so, but it's not likely. We have now had seven major countries pull out of using the Dollar, these countries were paying for the constant spending spree by investing in American bonds (debt). Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Mexico and now Thailand are all looking at other options to invest their money in, gold mostly. We are now printing more money (dollars) and buying our own debt using devalued dollars! This is the only reason the dollar hasn't collapsed earlier. We are BUYING OUR OWN DEBT. i.e. "We'll pay us back what we owe ourselves with funds we don't have."

With the games that the GOP are playing with the big budget cave in and the coming debt ceiling increase, (it'll happen if experience and history is any indication.) few leaders are serious about this problem we are facing. Time is ticking, and other countries are seeing the writing on the wall and that is that America is a bad investment. And as long as we have a Marxist in the White House, this country will continue to be a bad investment. Get Prepared.

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