Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why is No One Asking the Question? - Fast and Furious

Why is no one asking the question? I will tell you why, because the answer to the question, which is both logical and inescapable sounds insane. It sounds conspiratorial. And it implicates key government officials in the murders of two border agents, one ICE agent and an untold number of Mexican citizens. I am of course talking about the Operation Gunrunner. (a.k.a. – Fast and Furious)

The cover story is that this project was a sting operation to track the flow of automatic weapons from the US gun shops to Mexican Drug cartels. US gun shops were ordered by Eric Holder’s Justice Department to allow the sales of multiple automatic weapons to individuals without the necessary paperwork involved. There is even evidence that the Justice Department funded these purchases of automatic weapons to Mexican Drug cartels. This ‘operation’ resulted in 1,418 (that we know of) automatic weapons, some claim over 2,500, finding their way into the hands of murderous thugs.

Here’s the problem with this cover story. First, the US Justice Department already knew who the main leaders of Mexican gun smuggling operations are. They knew who they are, where they live, have recent photos, birthdates and all they need without having to hand deliver a thousand automatic weapons to them.

Second, if they didn’t know who they were, the only way to track where a weapon is going to determine the routes of smugglers is with a GPS unit, which were not used. The US Justice Department lost each of these weapons. They made zero efforts to track these weapons. No GPS, no satellite observation and special irradiated chemicals.

Third, the only way to tell where a weapon came from is if it is left behind at the scene of a crime and some were. In total at least 52 have been left at different crime scenes across the country. One of these was found to have been the rifle that killed ICE agent Brian Terry. It is physically impossible to match a bullet to a weapon you don’t have in custody. So this wasn’t to track weapons at all either where they went or where they came from.

Let’s recap. Holder’s Justice Department knew who it was that was doing the smuggling and where they lived. So they arranged the funding and transfer of over a thousand weapons to murderers so they could track the route the smugglers use to get home? Without GPS or irradiated chemicals however, there was no way to track where the guns were going, where they were at any point in time.

They didn’t even try. They could have disabled these weapons, so that if they were lost, no one would get hurt. But they didn’t try that either. So again, the purpose of this operation was not to track weapons. What was it for then? Why would the Obama Administration desire Mexican Drug cartels be well armed?

In the early stages of the investigation into this operation, Holder’s offices refused to cooperate and denied that any of this happened. When proof of the plot came to the surface, they finally admitted to being responsible, but that this was only a botched sting operation to “track weapons”. We’ve already seen clearly, “That is a lie.”

Consider these facts please.

First, Mexican Drug cartels are responsible for the deaths of over 15,000 people each year. The rate of the deaths of Americans on both sides of the border has increased each year.

Second, Tucson and Phoenix are now the kidnap capital of the United States of America where over 400 people have been forcefully removed from their homes, dragged across the border and either held for ransom or killed and mailed back to family members one piece at a time.

Third, on March 31 of this year law enforcement officials testified before Congress that Mexican drug cartels have instructed members on both sides of the border to shoot and kill American border agents using AK-47 assault rifles.

Fourth, Mexican Drug cartels routinely murder policemen, newspaper reporters and editors, and anyone who stands in their way regardless of which side of the border they are on.

And fifth, Mexican Drug cartels, taking their cue from Islamic extremists, favor beheading as their preferred form of execution. In one night, they beheaded 27 migrant farm workers and left their bodies strewn all over the farm. Severed heads are placed on pikes outside Juarez, Mexico informing visitors of just who is in charge.

Now we get to the question, the one no one is asking. Too many people are focused on this as being what the Justice Department claims it was, a botched sting. A ‘my bad’ situation. That is NOT the case here.


They funded an effort to supply murderous thugs with automatic weapons knowing in advance that these same thugs had been ordered to kill American citizens. They did this knowing in advance that these thugs had killed American citizens before and would do so again. They did this knowing that these thugs regularly cross our border to kill, kidnap, rob, steal and rape what the hell did they think was going to happen when they gave these people automatic weapons?

Here is one of the final pieces of the puzzle to the question. After word leaked that Mexican drug cartels were purchasing large quantities of weapons and before the information on the Operation Gunrunner had really been released in full, Obama gave a speech about how we need to have more gun laws restricting the purchase of automatic weapons from stores close to the border.

Now, here is your answer to the question. Obama and Eric Holder knew that if automatic weapons were delivered into the hands of Mexican Drug cartels that innocent Americans would be killed. The Cartel members had been ordered to do so. But for their political agenda it would have to be more than one death. It would have to be several, all linked to multiple guns purchased from American gun shops that were ordered to sell these weapons by the Justice Department. (Don’t forget, the JD tried to deny this even happened before the proof came out.)

So if Obama and Holder had gotten what they wanted, no one would be aware of Operation Gunrunner and every murder committed with an automatic weapon would be another podium for Barack Hussein Obama to climb on and demand accountability for the sale of automatic weapons from the very store owners his JD ordered to sell the guns illegally.

You may be thinking that I am crazy. That’s fine. But consider one more “crazy” fact. The three ATF supervisors directly responsible for the carrying out of Obama and Holder’s fast and furious plan were promoted into administration after the scandal broke. Not fired, not reprimanded, not imprisoned, they were promoted. I don’t have any doubts that these three were ordered by Holder to start this operation. Perhaps the promotion is their reward for a job well done.

Later the ATF would claim that these gentlemen were “laterally transferred” out of operations and into administration, that claim, however is coming from the same people who are trying to cover up their own involvement in the affair.

Here are three points you should take away from this scandal.

First, Barack Hussein Obama and the thugs in his administration deliberately planned and funded a series of events that resulted, and was intended to result, in the deaths of American innocents and could potentially still result in the deaths of American innocents as there are still over a thousand automatic rifles out there in the hands of murderers.

Second, Barack Hussein Obama has no problem with planning or causing indirectly the deaths of innocent Americans, as long as his political agendas are achieved.

Third, if not for Barack Hussein Obama’s inexperience and incompetence, we would not know about this effort. Did he really think that the gun shop owners would sit quietly to be sued by family members of victims when they knew the truth?

Warning, if you think that this is the last time that a plan like this will be in motion coming from out of the Marxist In Chief administration you are dead wrong. This is what many people call a “false flag”. An event designed by government to expose a problem we don’t have and force a solution we don’t want so that their agenda succeeds. Watch for the Day of Rage madness on September 17th, 2011. It’s organized in part by Steven Lerner, SEIU chief and close friend of Barack Hussein Obama.

Hopefully it will be an epic fail. But if it isn’t, look for more long winded Obama speeches on civility, tougher laws on public gatherings, free speech and other efforts to strip the First Amendment of all power while completely failing to address the problem of violent left wing and Muslim extremism.

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