Friday, October 28, 2011

I Yam What I Yam

My daughter was 4 when she first saw the Popeye cartoon. "Lucky" for me, they were on Cartoon Network or one of those vintage cartoon channels and she was hooked. She begged me and my wife for a can of spinach so she could be strong like Popeye. Me, not being normal of course, told her that I couldn't allow her to eat the spinach because I didn't want her knocking holes in the walls and beating up her big sister. That just made her beg more of course. So we finally got her a can of spinach, (Popeye brand no less) opened it up and she gazed at the wet green mass that was on her plate. It was probably less appealing than oh, the scum that floats on top of stagnant ponds. That day, she decided she'd rather NOT be super strong and she stuck with her hamburger and fries.

What does this have to do with preparation? Technically nothing, except for two small words, Olive Oyl, I mean Oil. Olive oil is available for cheap in the dollar tree stores and it doesn't have to be the best quality oil around. You don't have to get the Extra Virgin olive oil, see if you can find some slutty olive oil in the discount shelves. : ) Lamps that provide minimal light can burn for hours on olive oil. The smell is minimal and fire risk even less so. If you have some lanterns socked away, you may want to consider olive oil for a fuel source, it works for those tiki lamps too. So it's safer to stow away, will burn reasonably well, and will not likely be among the first items stolen from stores after the collapse. You can use it to cook, make reasonably safe lighting, and to make salad dressing. You make do with what you have. Plus, you can't make pasta with Kerosene.

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