Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Little Pitchers Have Big Ears"

At least, that's what my mother-in-law would say when my wife and I were discussing subjects too "difficult" in the presence of our young girls. To be honest, I knew what it meant, but it doesn't make sense, pitchers don't have ears, shouldn't it be corn stalks or rabbits or something? Anyway the point is that we are in a critical time now in American history, when an optimist professional like Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki is more pessimistic about the results of a financial collapse than Glenn Beck has been, you know that we aren't preparing in vain. I've posted this before, but it's important to reiterate we are way past the time to try to win people over from the dark side.

Little pitchers, they are our family, our neighbors, friends, co-workers and the guy that delivers you the survival MRE's and food storage materials. We have tried to warn them, but they continue spending money on senseless items while all the way claiming they don't have enough money to prepare or buy extra food. Every grocery store in your town has maybe a 2 day supply of food on its shelves at any one time. A super walmart may have 4 days worth of food. After the food supply these 'little pitchers' have has dwindled, give it a week or so, they will remember that YOU are or were preparing.

Your supply of food and materials is YOURS. You cannot give food out of a finite supply to help someone else, you are not Wal-Mart. What you can do is help get their garden planted, give them some chickens for eggs, fish for their pond, etc. Remember the story of the ant and the grasshopper. The grasshopper played all through the spring, summer, and fall while the ant stored food. The grasshopper laughed eating day by day smoking cigarettes, drinking liquor and playing the lottery (I had some really wacked out fable books.) Winter came, and without food, the laughing grasshopper knocked on the hill of the prepared ant and asked for help. The wise ant reminded him of all the work that he had done during the year and all the jokes, laughing and such the grasshopper had done. The grasshopper died that winter because he was completely unprepared.

You will have to decide what to do when they come knocking. You will have to be firm, if you barely have enough for you and yours for six months, keep what you have. For right now, keep the prepping quiet, unnoticed and yes if you must, LIE about it. No you ate all that food you had and you have no more to give. You are just as hungry as everyone else. It is time for us to shut our mouths, except to share information with other people we know who are already preppers and are in other areas of the country.

Little pitchers have big ears, don't put anything in them that could come back and bite you.

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