Friday, November 4, 2011

A Call to Arms Part Five

For the last 235 years America has been at peace within our borders. The Civil War changed that less than a hundred years after we became a free nation. Since then, we have been free to pursue happiness, we have had freedom to live as we wish without interference from the government.

The idea that we can separate out preparation for the collapse of the dollar from the progressive politics of our countries’ leaders is naïve at best. The progressive leaders, the union thugs and Obama’s mentors and czars have expressed the desire to collapse the economy and create a more ‘fair’ world. Blaming them though won’t help us, they are simply doing what they said they were going to do. If they succeed, our country is finished. They have already taken up arms against us (did you really think the Fast and Furious program was to track drug cartels?) and will do so again. We need to be prepared to take up arms against them and those they equip.

There are many things we will have to do to prepare for an all out assault on freedom in this country.

1. Get Trained

Boot Camp is an eight week intense training to turn people like you and me into soldiers, marines or sailors. We won’t have that training, not even close. But we may be called on to actually engage an enemy. Whether those “enemies” are looters after your stash of food and/or weapons remember that your survival depends on being able to defend yourself from these attacks.

To make up for the lack of training, have a frank discussion now with anyone you know who is in the armed forces or law enforcement. Talk about preparing and see if they will be willing to help train you. It helps if they are of a like mind. If you don’t know anyone with that experience, check out the local gun shops for self defense training. There are several locations for firearms training, like Frontsight in Nevada that take an average citizen and give them the experience they need to be eligible for law enforcement jobs.

2. Get Connected

Seek out people in your area that you can connect with now. Form a coop where you can each relay on the others for an aspect of survival. It will be just about impossible to do this after the collapse occurs. Forming alliances and friendships now will help ensure a mutual benefit for all parties involved.

3. Get Equipped

You will need at least one handgun, one shotgun and one hunting rifle with at least 1,000 rounds of ammunition for each weapon. Preferably you will need one weapon for each adult in your group. Getting it now will be financially difficult for a lot of us, but it is something we have to do.

4. Get Educated

Read. Learn everything you can about survival, strategy, and medicine. Download all the free stuff you can. Movies. Movies and television shows can give you ideas about what to do and how to do it. The Colony, Jericho, and any post-apocalyptic movie can spark an idea on how to build a needed item and give you creative ideas for issues like security, combat strategy, and more.

These next few years will tell the tale of the future of our country. It was a third of the Continental Congress who voted to go to war against England. A third of the leaders determined the future of our Country by taking a stand against the other 66%. It won’t take a majority of us to make a difference. It won’t have to. The final step in this call to arms is summed up in two words: “Get Ready.”

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