Monday, November 7, 2011

Sources of Food

You need to have a supply of assets that throw off food, as discussed in the Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the US Dollar book. Ignore HOA rules and local government regulations, they will fall by the wayside after the collapse. Chickens for eggs and meat, ducks for eggs and meat, chickens and ducks will reproduce themselves if you can successfully incubate the eggs. Gardens can take 90 days depending on which plants you have in the garden. It takes six months for a hatched chicken or duck to begin producing the eggs. The six months of stored food is to get you to the point that your assets can begin producing food.

Still, if you don’t have the assets or you are running out of food-stuffs there are alternatives to finding it when stores are closed or emptied.

1. Fruit groves/Cattle fields – If you are located near an orange grove, an apple orchard or something similar, these are typically owned by off site agricultural companies. In a time of lawlessness, police, if they are even working at all, will be busy dealing with riots and major problems to care if you are attempting to feed your families or not. Technically, yes, this would be stealing, if you feel bad about it, nail a worthless $20 to a tree.
2. Abandoned restaurants – Depending at what point in the collapse you are able to locate an abandoned restaurant, i.e. before or after the power is shut off, there will be a hefty supply of both perishable and non-perishable foods inside. Baking mixes, powdered eggs, powdered pancake mixes (just add water), etc will be inside. Some of the green vegetables may have been stored in a cooler and may still be edible. (If one could hope, please let many McDonalds’ have the McRib when the dollar collapses.)
3. Abandoned movie theaters/department stores – junk food mostly, but popcorn, if you have a way to cook it is filling even if it has no nutritional value at all. The candy and junk will never spoil and in desperate situations food is food. Department stores will sometimes have really expensive chocolates and sweets for sale.
4. Rivers, Ponds and Lakes – as I’ve stated before, you will need fishing equipment but most people in America have access or at least are close to a river, pond or lake. Some even have access to a hatchery which will be abandoned as well. No rods required, you just need a net.
5. Theme parks, zoos, museums will all have a supply of food stuffs. Though usually kept under lock and key, in a time of utter economic collapse, you may be able to rummage through some food stands and supply closets. Zoos may also have a supply of pet type foods for your canine and feline family.
6. Schools and Universities with cafeterias. Many public schools have daily shipments of food for lunches, and much of the food is perishable, but there are some canned and powdered foods that are used.

Don’t forget that if you find something edible of value that you don’t normally eat, or are allergic to, take it anyway to use as barter for something you need later.

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