Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Call to Arms Part Three

On one side, we have the radical leftists whose goal it is to collapse the US economy and dollar through irresponsible spending and protests against capitalism. On the other side, are those who want to restore America to the original intents of the Founding Fathers as a free nation. The leftists have openly expressed a desire for a violent revolution. Those on the right have been accused of racism, violence and have gotten the full brunt of the MSM's obsessive hatred of the Tea Party. One side wants violence, the other side is accused of violence whether it actually happens or not.

There is a storm brewing. All it would take is one person. One individual could spark the revolution that will kill or injure thousands of others. That person cannot be us. The person that fears the collapse of the dollar and the loss of the freedoms we have in this country must stand apart from those actively calling for violence. If there is to be a shot fired, let it be from those who are calling for it.

Their goal is to get YOU, ME, or someone to, in the name of Freedom, to fight back violently. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place. THEY want us to fight them. THEY will push us to fight. THEY call for death, violence and revolution. THEY want us to start it. Don't.

Let them make the first move to initiate violence. THEN respond. Granted, we must realize that we will get blamed anyway. For example, when a Muslim pushed into a crowd at Fort Hood screaming "Alluah Akhbar" and killed several people, the President said, "Let's not jump to conclusions." But when hundreds of Coptic Christians are being shot and burned alive, those Christians according to the President should "show restraint." He already knows who he is going to support no matter what happens or when. Be prepared for being portrayed as the villain in a situation where you have to defend yourself. This is why you have to choose your battles carefully.

You and I can do nothing to stop the collapse that is coming, or stop the hordes of thugs weaving their way through downtown cities. But if it comes down to the lives of you, your family or friends, or keeping these hordes away from your home defend yourself with extreme prejudice.

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