Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Call to Arms Part Two

They don't know why they are there. Interviews with the thugs attending the Occupy Wall Street protests reveal a stunning lack of organization and knowledge of why they are there and what they are fighting for. From the call to raise the minimum wage to $40K a year to the protest against student loan repayments, most of these people are just angry. At what? It doesn't matter. At who? It doesn't matter.

The anger leads them to behave as primitive animals in defecating on police cars, trashing public parks, lashing out against people who are just going about their daily business. The violence is escalating, the humanity degenerating and it is a situation that will soon blow.

Whether the dollar collapse will occur during these protests or after consider this. When it is no longer a matter of an issue they can't define or articulate but it becomes a matter of a lack of food or basic services or supplies they feel entitled to receive, their focus will be clear and concise and they will behave as they are now, as sub-humans with an increased intensity. Those who have food and supplies will replace the bankers and "rich" as the objects of their hatred. When it is a matter of survival instead of some vague concept of fairness that motivates them, the lengths they will go to and the acts they commit will evolve into full scale rioting and looting. Look at Egypt, Spain or London for a hint of what is to come.

The concern is that these individuals will add to the numbers of others who don't hold to the position of the protesters when food becomes scarce. It will be an uneasy alliance or will result in two types of rioters, those who wanted revolution, and those who failed to prepare despite the warnings they received. This will multiply the numbers of those whose chief concern is getting food and medical supplies.

Stay vigilant, choose your words carefully as to your own supply of food and readiness. You never know who might be listening.

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