Wednesday, November 9, 2011

$#!@ #!@$ @#{ Fan

Ok, obviously I didn’t want to spell this out but there will be items you will want to have that may not pop into your head immediately after the news hits that the dollar has collapsed. In reading that Q&A with someone who lived in Bosnia during a true SHTF scenario we learned a couple of things about how it will really go down.

First, right now toilet paper is a necessity. It will get to the point that TP will be a luxury. I’m not recommending the Sinead O’Connor solution of rationing one square of TP for each BM, that’s just ridiculous. If you are on city sewer and water, remember that one of the first things to go in a complete infrastructure breakdown is utilities. You may want to consider building a composting toilet in your yard. If you think that is disgusting try living for three weeks with unflushable, full toilets in the house, you may change your mind.

Second, feminine products will be essential to hygiene and continued semi-civilized living in your home. A year’s supply for each female in the home would not be unwarranted.

Third, we learned from that article that while gold and silver were valuable, they were not as valuable as food, water and necessaries. The man from Bosnia stated quite clearly that he would prefer 1,000 Bic lighters to a lot of material we consider ‘valuable’. Gold and silver have a value that is counted in dollars, which when the dollar collapses will cause a long period of readjustment in the value of both. It’s good to have, but not at the expense of what you need day to day to survive.

Four, he emphasized over and over how important it was to be in a group. His group was his neighbors and family. Everyone else was a potential sniper or enemy and could not be trusted. Get your family together, for those of you with family separated by long distances, you have to think like America has become a zombie apocalypse. Gas may not be available within three days after the event. You will need some way of getting to them or them to you safely. If they are in a heavy populated city, it will be all the more urgent. For those of us with family who “just won’t listen”, this would be the time to give it one more try.

Five, places and people that looked like they “had something” someone wanted were attacked first. Gated communities, nice homes, people who went out dressed nicely became the first targets of the “have-nots” and often ended up dead. Keep your stash on the down low. Wear ratted out clothes, moan and groan as others do, blend in with everyone else.

Six, ammo was at times more valuable than food. If you don’t have weapons and ammo to secure your food supply, you won’t be able to keep what you have. You might as well send your name and address to and be done with it.

These things are important to remember and do, print this, save it, write it down, whatever. As Nike says, “Just Do It.”

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