Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mob Mentality

We saw it in the LA riots, in New Orleans with Katrina and now at the OWS protests across the country. When people gather in mass, emotions run high. Granted it’s mostly during protests of the left and the people who feel “entitled” to something, but it happens. One thing sparks the first punch, or the first thrown object and it grows. The OWS protesters are seeking a $40,000 minimum wage, revenge against the successful, and other equally anti-capitalist and anti-freedom goals. And they fight.

They wreck businesses, cars and fight against whoever is in their way. One man on his way to work at an investment firm made the grave mistake of asking the protesters why they were protesting. They beat him, kicked him and forced him to run inside his place of work. The company he worked for did not want him to press charges so that there wouldn’t be retaliation against the firm in some way.

The protesters ultimate goal is the collapse of the banking system, which they fail to understand how bad that would be for them. Imagine if you will that they get their wish. The economy collapses, corporations close down and food, water, and gas becomes scarce. If they are beating people up now for just asking a question, what will they do when their bellies are empty? Or when the bellies of their brood become empty?

My father once said that the way to convince someone of something, sales or otherwise, was to use the concept and imagery of pain. If the pain to get what they want exceeds the pain of going without it they will go elsewhere. If they are convinced even under the pain of death that they need to get what they want and what you have, only death will stop them.

Our goal should be to stay as far away from these mobs as we can. If they come to us, we will have to convince them that the pain of dealing with us will be too great for the prize they are seeking. When you are fighting a mob, ordinary common sense is out the window. Attempting to reason with them will get you killed. For our own safety's sake, compassion must be set aside. Individually, each member of a mob will be a father, mother, brother, sister or friend. Together, in a mob mentality, they are nothing more than animals who will kill, injure or destroy to get what they want. To successfully survive a mob-mentality encounter, one in which we cannot hide from or barricade against, we must be willing to be more animalistic than they are and put the fear of pain in their minds.

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