Friday, November 11, 2011

The Top Ten Semi-Positive Things to Come Out of the Dollar Collapse

The collapse of the dollar will bring our country a great deal of problems. But as with each challenge we face, there are also some positive things that come out of the negative, even if it's just for the sake of humor.

10. No TV means Joy Behar will never be seen again.

9. Utility bills will necessarily plummet as utilities won't exist anymore!

8. Our great, great grandchildren can sue the great, great grandchildren of politicians who orchestrated the collapse for reparations.

7. Bobby Jo, Billy Rae and a few million more redneck Americans can hunt George Soros down and tear him limb from limb in a public square and be considered heroes.

6. We can rest assured that without advanced medical procedures available, one day soon, Nancy Pelosi's face will drop into her lap.

5. The fakers in Hollywood will eventually be just another face in the crowd looking for bread. No one will be asking for autographs or feeding egos that should have been starved long ago.

4. The ignorant protesters in OWS will finally experience the equal distribution of misery they have been clamoring for. Will they learn anything? Doubtful, but we can always hope.

3. If anyone gripes about our new wood-gasifyer vehicles causing global warming, they get the death penalty.

2. Welfare recipients will finally have to work for their food.

1. Did I mention that Joy Behar will never be seen again?

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