Monday, March 26, 2012

The End of America Part 2

If you were to count the charitable hospitals in all parts of the world, the orphanages, churches, missions etc, you would find that over 90 percent of those endeavors are funded by Americans. Some are funded by individual Americans, some by religious organizations or those "evil" corporations. When the dollar collapses, and our contributions cease, it will devastate the entire world. For all the angry voices crying out about greed and the 'rich', they should understand that if not for the wealth of America, many essential needs around the world will not be met.

When it comes down to a WROL society, I will feed my family before I will ever consider feeding another persons family. It's just the way we are built and there is nothing wrong with taking care of your family first. But if we are ALL plunged into that situation, the countries that hate us now, will hate us more. The countries we are allied with will have to fend for themselves with their orphans, their sick and starving.

If we as citizens of the United States don't fight back against the efforts to turn America into the next failed utopia the world loses big.

In our preparation for these imminent events, the dollar collapse, food hyperinflation, TEOTWAWKI and WROL, don't forget to print, buy or download American history texts, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. Guard them well as it may be our children and grandchildren that will be the ones who will have to rebuild our Constitutional Republic from scratch if we fail to do it ourselves.

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