Saturday, March 24, 2012

Killing Your Own Food Part Five: The Culture of Ease

I ate his kidney with some favre beans and a nice Chianti." - Hannibal Lecter

We are spoiled. For the last 60 years plus, generations of Americans have gotten their food from the grocery stores. If you'll remember just 30 years ago, a full grocery store was maybe ten aisles at most. Capitalism is the greatest form of economy in the world, especially when the economy is booming. But the drawback is that we have gotten used to the wider selections and the 70 different kinds of coffee, soda, and other foods that we expect stores to carry. In a situation where the SHTF, it is not going to matter one bit whether you prefer organic foods or not, food will be food. If you have dietary restrictions based on anything other than a medical condition, understand this, and I say it not to offend anyone, you will have to adapt to survive, literally.

If you are vegetarian and your garden is depleted, and food storage gone, you will need to kill to eat. If you are like me, a meat-e-tarian, you will have to eat what you can find, even if it means it's veggies. It was less than 100 years ago that dinner was whatever Dad had killed in the afternoon. Rabbit, Deer, fish, etc. We have been spoiled by progress in that someone else has done the killing, cleaning and packaging.

We desperately need to get over that. No one loves animals more than I do, and the thought of killing one is bothersome, but if it means the difference between having food and not having food, we do it. If it means we have too many roosters eating the feed and producing nothing but overstressed hens, then we do what we have to.

Survivalists do what they have to do, and the elites and unknowing laugh it up at the families with food storage, ammo and medical supplies. When society breaks down and those systems that keep killing, cleaning and packaging food stops, these morons that are laughing now will have absolutely no idea how to survive or where to start. Hopefully, this FB page, the Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the US Dollar blog page and others like it are imparting enough information to you so that you will be prepared.

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