Monday, April 2, 2012

Convincing Doubters Great Carnac Style

Originally written and published in November 2011. see updates

This may or may not work, but here's a plan I concocted to convince those people in my life that just don't want to listen to me. I tore several sheet of paper in half and labeled each with a letter of the alphabet. On each piece of paper I wrote a "Carnac" style prediction based on what I know of the future of our Great Country. I will hand doubters a stack of envelopes also labeled with the same letter of the alphabet that the papers are and with each successive prediction coming true, will tell the doubter to open that particular labeled envelope. When each of these begin happening according to the great predictions I made, they will be curious and probably open the rest of the envelopes to see what is coming next. Here is the list of predictions I placed into envelopes.

A – America’s Credit Rating will be downgraded again. This will cause interest rates to skyrocket and inflation to begin.

B – Barack Obama will call for martial law following a tragic attack or riots and a “temporary” suspension of civil rights. The temporary extends indefinitely.

C – Committee formed to slash budget will fail to reach an agreement by deadline. The spending will continue without the printed money to pay for it and rapid hyperinflation will follow.
UPDATE: This one has already come to pass with Boener caving to Democratic demands.

D – Double Digit inflation hits on food, gas making the dollar sink even more.

E – Euro will crash creating a brief uptick in value of US $ followed by massive plunge and collapse.

F – Food Hyperinflation to the nth degree. $12.00 for gallon of milk, $20.00 per pound for chicken and pork.

G – Greece will default on the loan they got and need yet a third bailout from Germany. Germany will withdraw from the Euro as they experienced the worst of hyperinflation in WWI. UPDATE: Greece has been downgraded to default by three of the major credit rating companies, S&P, Moody's, and Fitch. They received a reprieve in the deal struck in February as debtors agreed to receive bonds worth a third of their value.

H – Hunger will be the norm after the collapse as soon as the fourth day after the collapse occurs. Most stores only carry a three day supply of food at any one time and once it is gone, the lack of fuel and employees who wish to work for nothing will disappear too.

J – Japan begins selling US Long Term Debt Bonds, UK soon follows, Dollar Collapse Imminent.

M- Mobs of the hungry, the angry and the discontent will swarm downtown cities and steal, kill and destroy to get what they want.

O – Obama implements his civilian army under martial law. Your Rights are gone. You either fight or surrender.
UPDATE: The signing of the NDAA bill removes our rights to a fair trial and representation. The anti-protest bill makes it a felony to do what Americans have done since the beginning of our Country.

P – Panic hits some cities due to Prices of Food and Hyper-food-inflation. Riots occur, people are injured and killed.

U – US Dollar collapses under weight of debt and spending it is truly TEOTWAWKI.

S – 2012 election or election results will be suspended either due to the false flag event or martial law declared by Obama. If Obama wins, this may be used for election year 2016.

T – The tragic attack will later be found to have been a false flag or Administration sponsored event to result in the desired martial law and authoritarian rule.

TEA – Tea party members and others will be designated enemies of the state via the bill passed that allows the government to imprison 500,000 Americans for disagreeing with the President. FEMA camps will be used to house these “enemies”.
UPDATE: See NDAA and anti-protest bills.

WWW – Internet is shut down following the attack or some other event “for our own good.”

***This may or may not work for you and your doubters, but it may open the eyes of some. If you have any further ideas about what to add, let me know.

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