Sunday, April 1, 2012

What To Do When Your Significant Other is NOT a Prepper

On more than one occasion I have been asked by preppers what to do when their wife, mother, father, husband, etc is NOT on board with the need to Prep. This is my answer to all situations, customize as you see fit. Do it anyway.

When I first started this effort a couple of years ago my wife was not one for guns, food storage or the "crazy talk" I had bugged her with forever. I started buying extra food and storing it in various places. She was not for guns because she had never seen the need for one, until the night there was a group of gang members strolling through our yard.

There had been several home invasions in the neighborhood where two people would ring the doorbell and keep the occupant busy selling magazine subscriptions or asking directions while two or three others would break into the home from the rear.

There were rapes, beatings and attempted murder as part of this crime spree by the Crips or the Bloods, yes, they are in Poinciana Florida. That day she learned that we had not one but two guns when I holstered the Judge and my 38 and stood in plain view of these "fine young men". She no longer has a problem with the guns in the house because NOW she saw a need for them.

God forbid I listen to the uninformed defense against prepping because "it's never happened here before." As a prepper, we are aware of the collapse that is on it's way to Main Street, Our Town. Even if your partner in life rolls his/her eyes, objects to the spending, you have an obligation to your family, to that partner to prepare anyway. I was admonished by a well meaning lady about not trusting your partner with prepping details. With all due respect to the sanctity and trust in a marriage relationship, if you know the boat is sinking and refuse to don the lifejackets or put them on your children because your spouse doesn't believe the boat is sinking, their lives are in YOUR hand.

When the collapse occurs, there will be "gangs" of desperate people seeking out food and supplies. You will need a weapon to defend your stash. If you need to hide the weapon from your spouse, DO IT. My wife's objections were overcome when the need presented itself. If you need to store food and hide it, DO IT.

Starving to death together isn't romantic in any way, and it's not a statement of your loyalty to your spouse to refuse to do what you know must be done. It is our obligation, our duty, to do what we can with what we have. When the need arises for defense, or food, your loved one will forgive you, and thank you.


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