Friday, April 20, 2012

Crazy Part Four

When I wrote Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the US Dollar, I didn't know half the stuff I know now. There are ramifications I just didn't quite understand with the utter collapse of our economy. There will be consequences I didn't consider.

1. Grid-Down - I thought that our power MAY continue even after the collapse. Now I know there isn't much of a chance of that happening. I didn't realize how many major cities, towns and areas are on grids run by coal-fired plants. Why is that important you ask? Because when no one is getting paid to dig for, refine, transport and add coal to the plant, the lights will go out. Of course, this could happen before the collapse due to the new Obama environmental regulations that are happening in January. This will shut down a number of coal fired plants to prevent "global warming" which has been proven a hoax. The already fragile US Power Grid will be splintered even further. If you are "lucky" enough to live near a nuclear fired plant, your power may continue, but without power from other sources, or employees working for free, the chances of a melt-down increase exponentially.

2. Communications - Without electricity, there will be no power to the cell towers that power your phones. If Obama enacts the power he requested to shutdown the internet before the utilities shut down, articles like this and pages to help keep patriots in touch will cease to exist. We will be on our own. Earlier tries for a BBS system explained in the Last Domino book, (available now for free in the docs section of this page.) turned out to be successful, but not very well attended. It uses hard line phone systems to communicate via the pre-internet internet. The SMS test was successful the last time we tried it, but I goofed on the reverse SMS test. (My fault, I apologize profusely) Both of these require power to succeed. We will need to communicate but the answer to this eludes me. (carrier pigeons, anyone?)

3. Water - I knew we would have to have water. I included the water information in the Last Domino book, which deals with bugging out and leaving an area to find water, because I didn't consider the fact that water treatment plants won't be running during total collapse. In Argentina, one of the first things to go when their currency collapsed was access to clean water. The taps were delivering non-potable water.

4. Protection - Recent developments with the addition of the bill passed in the Senate giving the government the ability to arrest and detain American citizens indefinitely without trial have added a third enemy to the list of those we will need protection from. There will be the hungry unprepared who will do what they must to survive, including stealing from those they laughed at previously. There will be the organized mobs of enemies of America who will take advantage of the chaos. Hamas, Al Quaeda and more are waiting for that day so they can seize control where they are. And now we have to add the police, or the para-military group of the Obama Civilian Army to that list. The power to lock someone up indefinitely without benefit of a trial is unconstitutional, illegal and the death knell of freedom in America.

5. Support - There are prepper groups located in many areas of the country. Your chances of joining one of these groups now is much greater than the chances of joining them after the collapse. Many of these preppers are people of faith, (no need to argue about which one), and they are concerned Americans. They are here on FB, they give tips on how to grow food, how to raise animals, how to store food, how to save money on items you need. Take advantage of all this now and get connected. In reading the article about the collapse in Bosnia, one thought stuck out, the group survives, the individual does not.

I wish I could have incorporated all this into the first book, but that is why I continue learning and writing, to get what I can, and let as many people as possible learn from it. Here on this FB page and on my blog. All these notes of what I should have known or included in the book are found at the blog. When I have time I will update it, the holiday season has been keeping me real busy. It is a crazy time of year.


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