Saturday, April 21, 2012

Carlin's Ghost

It wasn't too many years ago that George Carlin did a bit on the words you can't use on television. I've never been one to intentionally use any of those words and I get disappointed when comedians, movies and other shows have to resort to using them in the name of entertainment. You can be entertained without foul language. Now it seems we are being revisited by the ghost of George Carlin on the internet.

It wasn't too long after the 08 elections that it leaked out that the CIA and FBI were hiring people to monitor sites like this one using key word 'triggers' to prove that the person writing the note, or article was a terrorist. Any mention of Barack Hussein Obama ends up on his Facebook page. So what words will trigger a red flag? What words will end up landing someone in a detention facility with no hope of a trial, or due process?






Tea Party?

Obviously, threatening the President is a stupid thing to do. It's something that is sure to get one a visit from the Secret Service. However, since we know that a "list" has been in the works for some time now, we know if something we have posted has made it's way into the hands of the SS that we are on that list. Our freedoms are being eroded at a staggering rate prompted by those from both sides of the political aisle.

We have a choice. We can assert our First Amendment right to free speech, our Second Amendment right to secure the first and hope that we won't be branded an enemy of the State. Or we can keep our mouths shut, post only that which is warm and fuzzy so we can avoid trouble and end up losing each freedom enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Who would have believed that ANY President would push for and receive the authority to arrest and detain indefinitely American citizens without a trial?

I posted this statement last year and again several months ago and it is even more true now than it was the first time. It is getting to the point where the Secret Service is going to have to decide whether to protect the office of the Presidency, or the man who currently holds the job. I'm still looking for that list of words I am not supposed to use, and will be using each word in multiple posts. When I find it, I'll let you know.


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