Tuesday, April 24, 2012


2012 is here. So many things are up in the air. Israel vs Iran, Soros' mutual fund is now officially private so we won't know what he is buying or selling in bulk, Obama is in full gear to get reelected and to weaken or eliminate the remaining three or four rights we still have in the Bill of Rights. For the second time in our history, American citizens, by virtue of being dubbed 'enemies' can be detained indefinitely without trial, charges or any rights whatsoever. For the first time in history a US President has called those who disagree with him, enemies. The dollar reaches it's limit as the debt ceiling is getting raised again for the third time in the same Presidential term. The FED is printing more dollars to compensate for a lack of spending by consumers and a failure of the stimulus package. The EURO is not recovering from the earlier efforts to save it and is in as much trouble as it was. The choices we have for a GOP candidate are slim to none, establishment Republicans who seem to sound like Obama in many areas. Viable candidates are attacked, maligned and forced out of the race.

Keep your loved ones close, pass on the love of Country to your children, stand strong in adversity for if we as Americans cannot stand together against the rising level of tyranny that we will fall. And if we fall, the concept of Freedom will fade not only here, but in the whole world.

Remember what you will need, food, water, some means of barter, protection (lead, not latex), communication, community. Let's be thankful that we have made it to another year and mindful of the collapse to come.


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