Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Child For Sale

If you've read the article detailing the difficulties that the people in Greece are going through you are getting a glimpse at what it will be like in the US of A soon. The idea that a parent could abandon their child is difficult enough to understand. The fact that they feel they have no other choice is even harder.

In Greece, parents are leaving their newborns and toddlers at schools or hospitals. Many of us can't fathom deserting our children. In extreme circumstances, where the choice is between keeping your child without the ability to feed them or letting someone else keep them alive in a possibly abusive situation, it's a no-win situation.

Keep reading beyond the stock photo and you'll find that the country is running out of medicines and aspirin. NO! not a drugstore, not a pharmacy, the whole country of Greece is running out of meds. The Greek currency has been devalued enough to make doing business in Greece a losing proposition. The liberal Socialists have limited the amount that drug companies can charge for medicines because it's just fair. The companies then sell the meds to the nations that pay more first, whatever is left is sold in Greece. And that's not much.

These austerity measures being put in place after the first Greek bailout were meant to keep the economy going but they are only doing what similar measures have always done. They are killing a nation. And just to give you a clue, even after

■parents have begun abandoning their children
■families are starving
■they are unable to get medicine or aspirin and
■unemployment continues rampantly
Even after all that do you understand that Greece's currency hasn't completely collapsed yet? The Bailouts temporarily prevented total collapse but it's coming. How do I know that?

Because right now, Germany has the strongest economy in Europe, if Germany had backed out of the bailout, Greece would be done now. They didn't back out because Greece owes the European Union too much money. A collapse of Greece would destabilize the European nations. And now, Germany's economy is failing. The continued over-extension of bailouts to prevent the collapse of a debtor nation has not only failed to stop the collapse, but has drawn more nations into the same boat. They now run the risk of collapse if one other nation collapses.

Right now, look at your children. The collapse in Greece isn't complete, and yet children are being abandoned. It is happening TODAY. It will happen HERE. If you aren't prepared, if it's all a big joke to you and preppers are a source of amusement to you, decide now whether your no win situation will call for abandoning your child to the streets or starving them to death along with you.


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