Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don't Forget to Laugh

With all the seriousness and urgent issues we face with an impending economic collapse our everyday reading and learning has changed. Two years after beginning the writing of Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the US Dollar and The Last Domino I am still learning and studying about issues I was completely unaware of before. I am the worst handyman/builder in the world with two tools in my collection, a chop saw and an electric drill. In the last year though, I have built four chicken coops, (working on the fifth), a hoop-house greenhouse garden, a rabbit hutch and have started on a composting toilet, floating garden and 55 gallon water filter.

I have done things I never thought about doing. I have learned about the connection between George Soros and his role in collapsing world economies, and his desire to collapse the dollar. I've learned about the insidious Agenda 21, read about the NDAA and what it means to my kids growing up in a radically altered Amerika (yes that was on purpose). I have stocked up on food and meds, bought chickens for eggs and meat. We have plans to get rabbits, goats and perhaps a cow or two. I'm a former minister and an accountant by trade, not a farmer!

We are all going to have to learn new trades. To learn a new way of life and a new economy. There are several very good blogs to give us the information we need and it WILL be essential. Let's not forget our heart though. Yes we have to do these things and learn these things to survive, but what we do will seriously affect our children and our grandchildren (though I don't have those yet.) In the end, what we are doing is for THEM.

I've allowed my kids to plan their "futures" according to what they wish, though I know that what they want to do may not actually be career worthy after the collapse. We still prepare, we still work the farm, we stock up on food and watch the disintegration of the Euro with interest, but they need hope. Learn what you have to learn, but never forget that your children need some kind of "goal" to hang onto throughout the mess that is coming. If that goal is to be a Caligrapher or an NFL Quarterback, so be it.

Laugh, joke around a little, enjoy your lives now. Find the up side of any situation and dream a little. When the time comes, being prepared is going to give you a breather to be able to handle the most stressful scenarios with humor.


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