Saturday, April 28, 2012

Easy Sprouting Veggies for SHTF Garden

Once in a while, the stores in our area put on a great sale on veggies that can't be beat. The tuberous root veggies when placed in a cool, dry, dark place begin sprouting roots that can be propagated into new plants and hence, new veggies. These veggies include my personal favorite, the potato and many others that I've never eaten willingly but will have to when there is no other choice. These options include:

4.Sweet Potato
Being honest, I've never heard of some of these options. What makes this avenue of beginning your victory garden is that on these roots, the sprouts are the key. One sprout at one end, one in the center and another on the far end means you can cut the one potato or other tuberous root into three sections which will grow three plants. When your local store has a BOGO free sale on any of these fresh vegetable choices, take advantage of it and begin growing your garden!

It takes roughly 90 days for a potato plant to produce potatoes. Your first crop of veggies has to last for 90 days while your second crop is growing. A potato plant produces approximately 15 - 20 pounds of potatoes depending on the variety. If you go through one 10lb bag each week, you will need 120 pounds or 9 - 10 potato plants. Plant 15 of them and use leftover potatoes for sprouting and planting for the second, third and so on harvests. At least, that is what we are doing.


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