Sunday, April 29, 2012


I want more people I know, and many I don't to be preppers. That is why I have joined as many prepping groups on FB as I could find, I simply don't know enough. The more I find out the more I realize how complicated EVERYTHING will get almost overnight. I want more people to know what to do for two reasons: One, because I don't want to see anyone starving, lacking medical attention or in need. And two, because (selfishly?) it means there will be that many fewer people knocking on my door for help.

We are by no means rich, even really middle class, so our preps have been sparse and cheap. We can't possibly help everyone in my family, much less my neighborhood, city or state. Sometimes I feel like to turn people away would be selfish, but I look at what is happening in Greece, where parents are abandoning their children because they can't afford to care for them and there is no way I want to be in that position.

When the SHTF, I'm not going to be prancing around saying 'see, I told you so'. (I don't prance anyway.) It's going to hurt, it's going to be disturbing. I went to the elders at the church I attend and asked about helping to start a food pantry for an emergency, no I wasn't specific. They said good idea, too bad we don't have storage space. Our local churches will pass up an opportunity to be a help and a resource and no one will be able to reach out and help.

If I'm not 100 percent certain that I will be able to feed my family tomorrow, there is a zero percent chance that I will use what I have to feed the people that refuse to prepare. I can't think of it as being selfish, maybe I'm just that kind of person, I have to take care of my own and so do you.

The warnings I have given, the books on the subject I wrote and this FB page is all the help I will be able to give to most people. I will do what I can to keep learning, keep teaching and let the scoffers and intentionally unaware continue to laugh. We all have to do what we must, and let God do what He will for the rest. There is an interesting point in Genesis in the description of the Flood. Noah spent more than 100 years building the ark, preaching of what was coming and the only ones he was able to convince were the members of his family. When it came time for the waters to begin rising, the account in Genesis says that "God closed the door".

Maybe it was the water getting higher that finally convinced the rest that 'hey, that Noah guy must have been right' but God had closed the door. Was it because He knew that Noah may let some people in after the judgment began? I don't know, but they died knowing that they had a chance to respond, to help and they chose not to. The door is closing, the clouds are forming and we know that there will be some who will be banging on our doors, they made the choice to ignore us. To ignore the world situation. Turning them away won't be selfish, it will be survival.

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